Friday, November 14, 2014

Aging Gracefully or Not: That is the Question!

Moi as a model at a fashion show in 2007

Today's NaBloPoMo's writing prompt seems rather rhetorical and strange to me, and to you? The question is, "Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?"

Does anybody really enjoy getting older?! If so, I would like to meet with them to interview them! Really?! "WHAT is it about aging that YOU enjoy?," I would ask. That would probably be my first or perhaps only question! ;)

I tell you the only thing that I can think of that I enjoy about aging – and there are pros and cons to this ladies believe it or not – is the ending of the menstrual cycle. No more this, that, and the other, i.e., all that is associated with it physically, mentally emotionally, and otherwise. I need not divulge details to offend; however, my sincere apologies as I don't mean to: I'm just being honest about the question! ;)

The only thing maybe, maybe, maybe that I miss associated with that is crying more often as I don't cry enough. Yes, I realize that sounds bizarre! No, not that I don’t want something to cry about! But I can’t help it! My eyes, after all, have been rather dry lately due to the aging process (most likely), drier/warmer fluctuating temperatures from one extreme to another at times, both at home and at work, not to mention a lot of screen viewing time.

And, well, tears can be actually soothing. That is, they cleanse the eyes and one’s mental and emotional and perhaps spiritual bodies, cleansing one’s soul. I miss that!

And apparently, I didn't know this until towards the dregs of it (speaking for myself as I never had nor wanted to give birth to a baby), that a woman is actually very sensitive, i.e., intuitive (though others ways as well too), during her cycle. I didn't know that and wished I had known so, years ago. If I had, I could have monitored it and been more attuned and developed my psychic abilities.

Going on a brief tangent here, I know we all have intuitive abilities; however, some people are more in tune with or aware of them.

Ok, getting back to the question! ;) Acceptance or resistance regarding aging?

I think I am fighting aging. Can you blame me? On the one hand, I am extremely cognizant of the fact that society in general, the Western world at least, worships youthfulness and thus youth rather than seniors or elders. Interesting that the word 'wisdom keepers' just came to mind as I typed that! ;)

Another model pic of me

There are only a handful of people, some actors for example, who seem to age well and do so gracefully. How do they do that? But all in all, there aren’t everyday idols who worship their aging bodies with dignity. They’re far and few in between!

Supposedly Capricorns have the ability to age younger as they get older and I'm sure hoping that's true! ;) However, I have had quite a number of grey/white hairs sprouting between and underneath my now-coloured burgundy hair, previously more copper-like (?), a warm, reddish hue for the past two or so years.

A part of me is curious what I would look like with hair no longer brunette (gotten darker as I've gotten older), and yet, a part of me is not ready to face the music, face change, face the reality, the reality of aging.

And yet my body has been doing other things like putting on extra padding in places where women – myself included of course! – generally do not want it - midriff primarily and, well beyond too!

Initially, I had added extra cushioned padding and support to ward off, wait for it, potential suitors. Uh huh, you heard me right! To keep potential suitors at bay after being deeply hurt/rejected etc. the last time I was in relationship. Not that I did this purposefully; this was at unconscious and/or subconscious levels.

Some of this may also be attributed to menopause: there's that other 'men' word! LOL ;)

My body, currently due to factors known and/or unknown: an increase in weight or age (not an increase in exercise, at least not for me), though I think improper footwear over time has developed symptoms of plantar fasciitis, an at-times extremely painful foot condition that has grown into an annoyingly irritating issue to say the least( And this is actually I believe my third such trial of pain and suffering! (See

But rather than run rampant all over the place, let's start from head to toe, shall we? ;) The head may turn silver, grey, white or a combination thereof and/or even thinning/balding scalp. I may have a form of female pattern hair loss or balding due to hypothyroidism, a common condition unfortunately.

Hearing and/or vision loss, wrinkles and sagging skin, dropped parts of anatomy, arthritis, knee pain, arthritis, and so forth are all potential effects of the nagging process. How exciting! Not!

Would things be different if I wasn't single? Perhaps, though not 100% sure. I think it would depend if I was accepted the way I was/am with my warts and all. ;)

How do you feel about the aging process? Are you doing so gracefully? If so, please share as I would love to learn your secret(s)!


  1. You can write about such a difficult question with such panache, Elly! Yes, aging like everything else in life is a mixed bag in, I suppose. While we hope we will gain more wisdom because of greater life experience - good and bad - we also need to start being concerned about some health issues which in our youthful days we never ever bothered about :) Oh well...I wish I could say I am aging gracefully....but at the moment more than my aging all my thoughts about health etc have to do with my father's health. So that too is part of aging, I suppose, at least in terms of the emotional aspect -- when we have to actively take care of our parents as they enter a certain age/health condition.

    1. Thanks Beloo, your compliment tickles me pink! ;) Yes, forgot to mention wisdom: how could I forget!? You bring up an interesting comment in regards to coming to terms with aging - yours and your parents - when caretaking of them. All the best with that! <3

  2. Well honestly, yes, all of us are fighting aging in some way or the other. The only advantage I see in me as an individual is that, I'm more grounded now as opposed to my younger years. I'm less fickle minded and am pretty focus on what I should be doing. Must add, I love your fashion show pic here :)

    1. Vinodini, you bring up a good point in that I didn't look at the 'bright' side of aging: there are advantages too! ;) And being more grounded and less fickle-minded for sure is a part of that! Thanks for sharing, and for your compliment. :) <3

  3. I love the way you write Elly, making everything so effortless and fun! I don't know how I'll react to aging when I do come to that age! In my head, I am such a kid and I know whatever the numbers say, I'll never let go of that child within!

    1. Oh thanks Aditi! ;) I didn't write about that either - forgot - in respect to our inner child that doesn't like to or want to age: that is the resister! ;) I can so relate to your remark! ;) <3

  4. hahaha the part on padding cracked me up :P Loved the way you have written the post. I hope the pain in your feet lessens.
    I think I have grown patient and more understanding over the years, I am still stubborn but guess that would change too. It's the wrinkles and crow's feet under the eyes I am really scared of.

    1. I'm glad I made you laugh Raj. I think I wrote it with tongue in cheek in part - cheeky even! - and yet it's true! ;) Ah, patience and understanding are such virtues that can be acquired as we age for sure. I hope you - we all - age gracefully, wrinkles and all! :) <3

  5. I certainly don't like the IDEA of aging - though I must admit, I like myself better and better the older I get. How weird is that?!

    1. Love your point Laurel as I can concur with that, getting to know and understand myself, and thus accept myself more. It does seem such a paradox, doesn't it? - weird and yet not! ;) <3