Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ready or Not Here I Come! The Story of My Book's Birth


Dear Readers,

I signed a book contract this past week with a BC-based publisher, someone whom I had met a few years prior.

The storyline* of the book came to me from Spirit in January and I ended this blog in part so I could devote time to this cause.

Circumstances started opening up with an opportunity I took advantage of so I started the process, one little step at a time.

Today in fact is designated to be (and is) my first official writing day of the chapters of my book. My aim is to have it published by July 2016, if not before. When the book is ready to launch, I will let you know.

*The storyline is about being a surviving twin - my twin and I were tiny premature "dolls" at seven months of age with her dying the following day - and the impact of that on my life.

My story includes phenomena such as phantom grief and survivor's guilt, feelings of emptiness and estrangement, a couple of other "near-death" experiences, how I came to terms with my twin's death, my healing journey, and my life purpose/mission. The background of my book will be my spiritual journey with intuition being a major factor.

This book is primarily meant for those who are twin survivors. The reader may relate to some of the challenges as a survivor, gain awareness of and understand their grief, how they may be supported in dealing with their grief by learning of ways to cope, and coming to terms with their other half's death.

However, this book could also be enlightening for other multiple birth survivors as well as for parents and siblings, and even those working in hospice through counselling and/or grief support groups. It could be for anyone who wants to know and understand the possibilities and ramifications of growing up as a sole twin, including (like myself) not knowing my twin or knowing of her till years later.

My aim is that it gives hope and meaning for those who are left behind, primarily the twinless twin, as I truly understand what it means being one.