Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is close to the end of the calendar year.

Another close and ending is a recent farewell at my work. I’ve never been fond of goodbyes though I am getting better at them as there have been so many in my life.

However, when a work colleague who has been in the same work environment as I for half my presence there, it is yet another loss and at a deeper level. To exacerbate the situation is that I’m one of about five of the oldest employees there (LOL), both literally and figuratively! And her leaving makes me wonder about my life and the direction I'm going.

As humans, we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping and yet we probably spend close to two-thirds, or so it seems, of our time working. That's a lot of time!

I know for me and others too, this year has come and gone so fast, too fast. Time is moving quickly and is seemingly speeding up.

What have I learned and what can I carry with me in the following year? Is it true or just a rumour that 2012 will be an auspicious year? Did I hear that right? Did you? Time will certainly tell.

As the year draws to a close, I can ponder over what lessons I have learned and what I want to bring or carry with me into the new year.

What lessons have you learned this year? Any you wish to share?

p.s. All the best to you, me, us all in 2012!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Earth Angels

Photo courtesy of Roberto Kaplan

Since this is my 44th posting, numerically supposedly signifying angels, I will write a brief excerpt on ‘earth angels.’ Though I’m not an expert, I believe that there truly are 'earth angels,' people like (you?) and I who roam the earth with a kind and gentle heart performing good deeds and being of service.

My motto is "one kind deed a day" as much as possible when I remember as sometimes I forget! Usually I do this spontaneously though. It could be as simple as giving directions or donating items or volunteering.

One such earth angel that immediately comes to mind is my friend Linda K. I met her in an interesting way after I temporarily misplaced my bus pass last year. As I take the bus to and from work, it would add up a lot if I had to pay for bus fare separately so I posted online and within a very short time, I received an email. I was shocked and yet delighted!

We have since maintained our friendship as I decided she was so peppy, positive, sweet, and kind that I didn’t want to end the relationship. Linda, undoubtedly, has a heart of gold, always being of service to her family and friends. Sometimes I actually think too much!

I’m honoured and delighted to know and have such a friend like this in my life. She constantly reminds me of the value of kindness and compassion - even karma - as consequently everyone wants to support her and offer her ‘gifts.’ (In my case, it is usually feeding her dinner, occasionally giving her items, and providing information and referrals to people, places, and events that may interest her. Service begets service!)

How are you an earth angel to others?