Friday, November 21, 2014

Appliances: My Favourite?!

My blender

The writing prompt for NaBloPoMo seems rather silly to me, "What is the one appliance you can't live without?" I mean it doesn't seem an important question, at least to me; however, I will answer, in a bit. ;)

I thought I'd look up the word appliance to get some ideas as not one particular one popped into my mind. On google, appliance means, "a device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task, typically a domestic one."

I pondered the various appliances I have starting with the small ones:

1. a hairblower that I rarely use? No more curling iron! I prefer au naturel.
2. a blender to make smoothie drinks?
3. a chopping blender to chop spinach or grind almonds for my Mom's European cookies that i bake at Christmas time?
4. a toaster which I don't use often anymore as I don't eat bread as much as I used to?
5. my mini-rice cooker?
6. my mini-crock pot (slow cooker) that I love to make organic stew or mulled apple cider for example, ready for me within a few hours?

The large(r) appliances include:

1. the portable fan in my bathroom to diffuse steam and smells? ;)
2. my vacuum which is way too heavy and cumbersome, sometimes seems way too big, especially for my small place?

3. gas fireplace - is that an appliance? - to keep me warm at times when I require it?
4. the washer and dryer that I use from my landlord which I am grateful for, though I love to dry out my clothes outside during the summer and early-to-mid-autumn depending on the temperatures outside?

Are there any others I have forgotten? I don't think so!

It's a TIE! I think between my rice cooker and my crock pot. The rice cooker so I no longer overcook (boil over or burn) my rice, and my crock pot so I can make organic stew for example, ready for me at the end of the day (within a few hours or longer if I prefer), or mulled apple cider (to keep warm and smell up my place fondly).

Though I have to admit, I sure do love my gas fireplace too! Does that count as an appliance though? ;)

What is (or are) your favourite appliance(s) and why?


  1. My favorite appliance has to be my washing machine. Imagine doing all the laundry by hand!!!

    1. For sure! Wise choice! :) If I had my OWN (i.e., owned) that would probably be my favourite too! ;) <3

  2. My favorite appliance is my Laptop. If some times Wi Fi is not available I get very panicky.

    1. Oh I hear you on that one Usha! I would love to have a good quality one that works well so I can take it with me where'r I go! ;) <3

  3. My favorite appliance at the moment--since it's NOT WORKING-- is my clothes dryer! I miss it sorely, and a repairman is coming (wait for it) in FOUR DAYS to take a look at it. 'Till then, I'll be hanging out laundry in the basement . .. and the living room . . . and in the library . . . . (too cold to be hung out outdoors!) . . .

    1. That's an excellent choice Amy given the consequences, especially with cold weather! I feel for you: four days is WAY too long! <3

  4. My favourite appliance is my Food Processor. I think, I will have panic attacks if it isnt working. Washing Machine would be my second fav. And Laptop, I wouldnt call it an gadget, but it is a part of my body! LOL :D

    1. All great choices Shilpa for great reason! :) Love your laptop analogy or statement! ;) <3

  5. Replies
    1. Interesting Locomente as I didn't even think of that one! I stopped watching TV years ago for two main reasons: (1) too busy with life doing other things and (2) too much stupid stuff on TV that seemed like a waste of (my) time. Of course, there are some good shows on it from time to time, and I love movies; however.... ;)