Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging Switch

p.s. I just saved a new posting which I had accidentally saved in my drafts before my posting entitled 'Your Heart's Desires.

Thus, please read 'Passion into Action' which is below it and was meant to be posted today. It is my first attempt at using video on my blog and I do hope you can all see it. Make sure you see it in its entirety. It's worth it!

Hopefully soon and/or once I get technie enough, I'm hoping to switch my blog over to another site. In the meantime, I am open to your feedback - what do you like and what can I improve on? Feel free to make suggestions on how I can better the look and feel of my blog.

If you do make any such comments, I may save that feedback, elsewhere, as notes to refer to and delete it from the blog postings or not depending what it looks like. I'll see how things go. Thanks kindly, in advance. : )

Monday, April 11, 2011

Your Heart's Desires

"What is the cost of not fulfilling your heart’s desires?" That was the question posed by a facilitator at the Women’s Spirituality Conference I attended about a month ago and her question struck me deep.

Actually the concept of heart’s desires was first introduced to me by a man I met a number of years ago who asked me, “What are your heart’s desires?” Let me tell you, I’ve been contemplating that question (though in different words) for a very long time even before meeting him.

So I ask you, what is the cost of not fulfilling your goals, and, more importantly, your dreams?

For me, a question that I find relevant is: "What is the cost of not speaking my truth? Not being true to myself: true to my essence, my pure light of being, my Christ consciousness (as some would say)?" You could ask yourself similarly (if you wish, of course!).

I also ask myself: "What is the goal of life if not to fulfill your calling, your path, your journey, your mission? Sharing your talents and gifts with each other and ultimately the world?" At least, that’s the way I see it.

For example, a part of me would like to have a place of my own. I don’t mean just living on my own (as I do now), but to truly have a place that is mine. And with things that represent me, but again more importantly, for stability and peace of mind., at least in terms of not having to move from place to place, time and time again. I mean how many moves and people’s time and energy do I want to invest in that?!

I’m not in want of a huge place. I wouldn’t even want such a home unless I was rich and could afford a maid and/or gardener! Just enough room for my stuff and to move and dance freely. That is all, all I ask for. Is that too much?

Realistically speaking though, I am just over 50 years of age. Do I really want to put all my money into a home paying for it the rest of my life? And who knows how long I could live in it and/or take care of it anyway.

Furthermore, I believe my path is contrary to an ordinary, more common or popular way of life. That is why I think I need to live by example when I live my dream. This is important to me. And this is why I feel I’m not "supposed" to own a home. I believe it’s not conducive to my Higher Self or my calling. (Though who knows, I could be wrong!)

I believe my soul would rather live my higher calling, and in essence, that is to be of service to people. Within this is my dream that I would like to fulfill. This requires me to concentrate my attention and energies to it. I wrote about it – my dream – in my first two blogs and would love for you to read them. Besides, otherwise this posting could be a lot longer! ; )

So, what are your heart’s desires? What would happen if they were fulfilled? Or not? How would you feel? Ponder these questions till my next posting and I’ll do the same.