Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Resonate or Resonance?

It’s so exciting when Spirit/God/Source/the Universe – substitute your term - confirms and re-affirms what you are doing, right?!  I LOVE it when that happens! <3

Case in point.  Late last night I saw an online ad under Meetup for a spiritual networking business group online (Copia HOBN) at  I felt strongly drawn to it, not only because I happened to attend a seminar last night on the topic of marketing a business ( and am currently doing so, or that it just conveniently happened to be in the same building where I work, but more so because I knew, from the ad, that I could speak freely and be understood, speaking in spiritual terms using words such as “Spirit” or “intuition.”

Ripple Effect from Wikipedia
I was SO excited to be there, to rub shoulders with people in the spiritual community that my heart was so open and full of gratitude.  I cried intermittently as I was emotionally touched by the people who attended, their sharing, and some of the words which strongly resonated for me, landing into my ears and in my heart confirming and re-affirming my dream.

Recently, I attended a teleseminar where this occurred as well.  Ellen Hayakawa, a former wildlife biologist turned speaker, author, and coach concerning spiritual gifts spoke on “Supporting Your Child to Greater Happiness and Self-Confidence by Discovering their Spiritual Gifts.” (

She also confirmed and reaffirmed – there are those words again – my dream.  It’s not a sleeping dream, but my life’s purpose or mission.

There were three key elements in particular which she spoke about concerning children and youth that resonated strongly for me: (1) “a safe and secure place to express” (YES!) as my children’s choir is about expression and a safe place to do and feel that (2) “they're teaching us" (YES!!) as my original life purpose/mission statement started off as “To teach children and youth …” and realizing that the children would most likely teach me! and (3) "co-creatively express with others" (YES!!!) as I had gotten the word ‘co-creative’ intuitively to use as a tile and/or to describe my children’s choir.  Currently it is “Children’s Co-creative Choir” or interchangeably “Co-creative Children’s Choir” though I expect a possible name change with input from the kids.  After all, we’ll be co-creating!

Of course, Ellen also mentioned many other aspects, points which were just as valid and further solidify my dream:

"learning difference or consciousness difference” (I love that!)
"heart’s desire to empower…” (to my revised statement starts off, “I empower…”_
"the way children learn turns the education system upside down"
"telepathic" (love that too!)
"the children calling us to be truthful and honest" (great!)
"behind every behaviour is the true reason for the behaviour" (or words to that effect)
"children with ADHD are often bored" (I knew that claircognizantly years ago)
"children leave the room because they already know/have the info" (I knew that intuitively when I was a
   participant in one of Ellen’s workshops and three young children (about ages 3 to 5) left the group to play.
   I thought, "They don't need to know this.  They already know it!")
Interviewer: "Children come wearing their labels.  I have ADHD.Ellen:  “I don't care about the labels but I do care about who you are...”
"children don't feel isolated and alone" (in feeling and/or knowing someone understands them)
"no place to express" (that’s where I come in! ; ))
"study with young children 8-12 year olds" re. happiness (I'm aiming at the tweens, ages 9-12 at least initially because there's a lot for the younger children and the teens, not these ages)
"pharmaceutical drugs fall away..." (a big YES!)

How do you know that what you are doing is right?  How does it come to you as confirmation?  Or another way of saying it, how is it confirmed for you?

Next blog postingA need to be seen :-) a need to be heard :-O

Thursday, April 5, 2012

On the Way to Launch My Dream

One month today. Yes, one month as of today, on May 5th I am launching my debut of a dream, my dream: a unique, non-traditional, original - just to emphasize the point! ;) – co-creative children’s choir.

This dream which originally came from Spirit in the form of “children’s choir” came to me out-of-the-blue at about 3 in the morning a number of years ago. I lost count. It could have been eight or even 10 years ago, I’m really not sure.

I initially blogged about what was initially occurring for me concerning this dream in my first post, “Call to Action” (dated July 25, 2009) as well as the subsequent “Why Me? Why the Choir?” as I originally questioned myself as in “Who am I to do this?”

However, I felt the need to heed the call and take action as I kept receiving and still do receive inspiration for it. How can I not move forward with it?

In the meantime while I prepare for the intro and the ensuing summer camp, I would appreciate if you would read my first and second blog postings in particular (as mentioned above) to get a sense of me: who I am and what, in part, I have to offer. It contains more info and details about my background and the like than I want to divulge, actually avoid repeating, here. Otherwise, this can be a very lengthy post.

If you feel compelled to do so, feel free to comment or ask questions and/or be a follower on my blog. Thx!

Speaking of which, for the followers and others reading my blog, the question I have for you now is: What is your dream and what step(s) are you taking to pursue it?