Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ready or Not Here I Come! The Story of My Book's Birth


Dear Readers,

I signed a book contract this past week with a BC-based publisher, someone whom I had met a few years prior.

The storyline* of the book came to me from Spirit in January and I ended this blog in part so I could devote time to this cause.

Circumstances started opening up with an opportunity I took advantage of so I started the process, one little step at a time.

Today in fact is designated to be (and is) my first official writing day of the chapters of my book. My aim is to have it published by July 2016, if not before. When the book is ready to launch, I will let you know.

*The storyline is about being a surviving twin - my twin and I were tiny premature "dolls" at seven months of age with her dying the following day - and the impact of that on my life.

My story includes phenomena such as phantom grief and survivor's guilt, feelings of emptiness and estrangement, a couple of other "near-death" experiences, how I came to terms with my twin's death, my healing journey, and my life purpose/mission. The background of my book will be my spiritual journey with intuition being a major factor.

This book is primarily meant for those who are twin survivors. The reader may relate to some of the challenges as a survivor, gain awareness of and understand their grief, how they may be supported in dealing with their grief by learning of ways to cope, and coming to terms with their other half's death.

However, this book could also be enlightening for other multiple birth survivors as well as for parents and siblings, and even those working in hospice through counselling and/or grief support groups. It could be for anyone who wants to know and understand the possibilities and ramifications of growing up as a sole twin, including (like myself) not knowing my twin or knowing of her till years later.

My aim is that it gives hope and meaning for those who are left behind, primarily the twinless twin, as I truly understand what it means being one.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Last Post, Here?

Sunset from North Van, BC (photo taken by me)

Dear Readers,

I am truly grateful to all of you who read and especially those of you who read AND comment on my blog posts.

When I first started this blog, it was to feature myself in terms of my to-be children's choir, inspired by Spirit quite a number of years ago (I am embarrassed to say).

Last July I was seriously considering that I would end this blog at the beginning of or early July of this year. One blogger I met early on through one blogging community can testify to that as I had chatted with her online about it.

It came to me today, spontaneously, when I awoke exhausted this morning, that now is the time. Below are some of the main reasons why (as there may be more that I am unaware of: only God/Spirit knows!).

But before I do share that, let me inform you that I so love and appreciate blogging. I LOVE writing, truly!

Over the past five years, I have given voice to subjects such as this choir-to-be in part, many ideas, a poem here and there, a few local and world events, as well as writing short stories as of late. However, it is now time for me to give voice to something else, something bigger than me.

I speak here of one of my missions which is in simplest terms to serve people. I can do that to a certain degree through my blog, though I feel drawn/called to write at least one book - hopefully three that I have in my heart, mind, and soul. All will require devoted time, energy, and resources.

My preference is also to focus on my life's purpose and this will require me to continue pursuing my two primary loves of singing and dancing. In part with that, I just joined a fab(ulous) rockin' choir that I have ever belonged to (having been in a variety over the years) and experienced/witnessed.

The energy created from a recent rehearsal was out-of-the-rental-hall-space huge! Words fail me at the enormity of love and joy that I felt, other than to say it was tremendous and powerful: I was "on Cloud 10" till about mid-morning the following day after my first rehearsal.

I also expect that I will take up drumming again as this came to me out-of-the-blue - one way how Spirit speaks to me - at a recent workshop on loves and life's purpose.

And I need to use not only my voice through singing and/or speaking, but also my hands whether writing, dancing, singing, and drumming as well as for hands-on/energy healing which has been put aside since just before my move in early spring.

I also need to settle into my new home, unpacking the last of my boxes, organizing, and reading all my beloved books on my bookshelf and walls.

Note that I have been very happy as of late, extremely enjoying my summer thus far being outside, listening to various bands, dancing, and singing in various choirs - two that are on a drop-in basis – so I am not making this decision in haste.

I would truly love to hear your sincere heart-felt comments - including those who are worldwide whom I never hear from - you can post anonymously if you wish - in how my blog may have affected you. If not, no worries as I can't please (or aim to please) everyone! ;)

And if any of you bloggers whom I am familiar with would like me to write an occasional guest blog post, I am open to that as (after all) I have many posts in draft form! Otherwise, I may keep them for the day I may return, possibly with another blog name and/or site.

Feel free to touch base with me those of you whom I know via Facebook preferably.

IF I consider doing the latter, I may possibly "go solo" as I did prior to joining a blogging community. Though I realize the pros to this, I also realize the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain the desired readings and commenting subsequently. Time will tell.

Whatever decision I make, know that in my heart I appreciate you all and thanks again for reading my posts and/or commenting. Those whose posts, comments, and faces I have become familiar with, know that you will be in my heart. A special thanks to you bloggers from BAR (Blog-A-Rhythm), especially Shailaja Vishwanath and others who have hosted it.

In the meantime, I wish this for you and for me indicated by the picture below. The first word is "live" by the way!

Sign on side of a food truck (photo by me)

I will see what awaits. In the meantime, I am volunteering for my favourite upcoming summer festival (Harmony Arts Festival, 25th anniversary) as well as at 55+ BC Games, hosted in my North Vancouver community.

Namaste, Elly

P.S. An afterword is coming...soon...stay tuned!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The #Cherished #Blogfest

Directive for the CHERISHED Blogfest, we invite you to talk to us about one of your cherished objects. Tell us what it is, post a picture of it if you like, and tell us why you cherish it.

Keep your post to 500 words. Place the Cherished badge on your sidebar, and help us spread the word on social media. Above all, join us in making new connections, and renewing old ones: visit each other and leave comments, try and follow your co-participants on your blogs and social media so they can follow you back.

Add your name and blog link in this Linky List, sign up for the Cherished Blogfest, and share your cherished memories on 24th, 25th and 26th of July 2015.

Since others aren't writing about an object necessarily, I will choose not to either. Otherwise, you can read about that in an earlier blog post of mine. I actually need not take a(nother) photo or write as it is all here: in black and white and colour, photos in colour that is!

It took me a few minutes to think about what I most cherish. Objects provide temporary pleasure, but something more of a lasting nature is what I was considering. And then it came to me: But of course! (

Heart mandala (I made from stones & shells)

When it comes to something precious, one thing I most value is the size of a person's heart (, and yes, mine included! ;)

In keeping with that, friendships are very important to me as friends can be there for me at times when I need support that I think I won't get from my family. Also it's fun to enjoy community events and activities with friends.

Furthermore, I have come to realize the value of friendships having had none at one point in my life. This occurred when I left my entire support system behind, shortly after moving to British Columbia from Ontario. And having no friends is like a vacant room: bare, empty, and boring, lonely even!

I have felt lonely a big part of my life - distant past - and still do occasionally at times, though rather rarely as of late. Loneliness hasn't been an issue for me the past few years for the most part, and in particular this year with new people I have encountered in various networks.

Lucky me, this year it seems that I have been blessed with more friends than usual as I usually have had only one or two close friends at a time in past.

A number of people, primarily friends and some acquaintances live in my neighbourhood and surrounding area. A few in fact moved a few blocks below the highway, whereas I live a few blocks above it.

I am so grateful for that as I cherish their friendships. Hopefully they do likewise! ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sunshine Blogger Award

A kind thanks to Aathira Jim for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award on July 13th. (More about her below.)

According to one blogger, "The Sunshine Blogger Award is a way for bloggers to get to know each other and also get other bloggers to link to their website (very good for SEO!)" (That's 'search engine optimization' by the way.)

See the award rules below.

1. When did you join the blogging world? Did any incident/ person inspire you to do so?

In July 2010: Oh WOW! I forgot to celebrate my fifth blog anniversary! I was inspired to start my blog as I was attempting to initiate a children's co-creative choir. I thought if people google my name, they won't find me! So I thought I would share a bit about me and my choir-to-be (a bit) so people would get a sense of me.

2. What is the best lesson that Life has taught you, till now?

So many of course as I am still learning and re-learning. However, I would say to like, accept, and love myself. This after not one - I needed to really get the lesson! - but two almost "near-death" experiences at the hands of ex-boyfriends. Read a bit about the story here: and the lesson here:

3. What is the role that blogging plays in your life?

Blogging is an outlet for me. Self-/expression is extremely important to me and creativity. Blogging allows me to do both. It also is a vehicle to write about anything and everything and not be censored; thus, I love this medium. I can write about issues that are dear to my heart or local community or worldwide events as I have on occasion.

4. What would you do if you have all the money in the world?

Sing, dance, play, read, write (three books: children's story, poetry, and part of my life story (to empower others), organic farming for three months at least...

5. Which is your all time favorite book that you can never get tired of reading?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
by Mark Haddon.

It is a short read, but brilliantly written about an autistic boy's perspective ...don't wish to give it away now do I?!

6. Name a dream city or location that you want to visit someday and why.

There are several but I would say Alaska first and foremost. I would love to experience the pristine wilderness and see the phenomenol Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis)

Photo from Pixabay

7. Share a hilarious incident of your life.

My two sisters, one brother (at the time), and I used to walk to the bookmobile. No libraries back then I guess! It was close to Christmas time and I was carrying a lot/heavy books. I was struggling to hold them at the same time that I kept rubbing against one side of my pants with my arm to keep my pants up: the waistband was loose. It fell just before I stepped into the bookmobile and Christmas tree vendors noticed and I felt so embarrassed. I was about eight or 10 at the time. It wasn't funny then of course, but now, yes of course! ;)

8. What are your thoughts about my blog?

Aathira writes on her blog titled, Bewitched by words: A place where I dream and let my fingers do the talking (

I love your blog's title first of all Aathira. I love your play on words and the word "bewitched" with "witch" in it too! ;) I love the pictures you have on top as I see/collect heart-shaped objects, love chocolate, and books...and is that a reading nook to the far left? ;) I love how your blog is organized in categories on top and easy-to-read font - thank you! - and your profile under the "About Me" tab. And of course, your writings whether fiction or poetry.

Award Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Nominate some other bloggers for this award.
3. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.
4. Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

I'm nominating the bloggers below for this award (in alphabetical order):

1. Eloquent Mind
2. Parul Kashyap Thakur
3. Rajlakshmi H Boruah

Questions to nominees: no new questions. Just the ones that are mentioned above.