Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part 2: Soul's Expansion

Panoramic Sunset (photo courtesy of Roberto Kaplan)

In my last blog posting, I referred to my soul’s expansion. You can read in more detail, but the excerpt was “What hit me intuitively was ‘expansiveness’ or ‘expansion.’ This described the panoramic landscape lens that I could see with, the ocean and sky in particular. This new perspective seemed to be(come) my new way of viewing (the world), at least while on holiday in Roberts Creek. It also referred to my heart. For somehow this vastness contributed to the expansion of my heart.” (Read in my previous post, September 12th, how this impacted me when I returned home from my trip.)

Is this what Paulo Coelho’s wife, Chris, experienced in the Mojave Desert?: “It seems as if ... I don’t know ... I can’t explain it ... as if my soul has grown.” (The Valkyries, p. 37)

This was her comment when she experienced her soul expanding when she kept her eyes fixated on the horizon whenever she could. (And yes, I concur with Chris that it is hard to explain. You need the experience in order to understand it, as with most or all spiritual experiences.)

I, too, had looked at the horizon a lot for the breadth of it, i.e., its expansiveness, partly because that’s what was in frontal view from the main floor stepping down towards the beach, and also as I was scanning for wildlife, mainly eagles. Additionally I was exercising my eyes. For all these purposes did I scan the horizon, both sea and sky, back and forth, and up and down.

I believe that my experience of my heart’s/soul’s expansion was attributed to the openness, the vast openness of the wide outdoors. I can’t help but think it can’t help but do that!

To be continued...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Soul's Expansion

Photo courtesy of Roberto Kaplan, taken at Roberts Creek, BC

Interesting, as I discovered that I ate much less including sweets (hardly!) during my first week of vacation at Roberts Creek in mid-July. Would you like to know why? Are you sure? Are you ready for the answer? It may shock and surprise you, or not.

It was this: it was simply due to the fact that I felt fulfilled. That’s right. Full-filled or filled full or fully filled. My soul and thus my body felt satiated, complete, full of life and goodness, AND sweetness! It actually made me wonder about breatharians.

It wasn’t till towards the end of that week that I started craving sweets because I felt I was missing, or rather missed out on what life had to offer. At least in terms of Roberts Creek: the ocean, natural life including not only natural surroundings of wood, but eagles, herons, smooth rocks, shells, and the like. Basically tranquility and peace.

What hit me intuitively was ‘expansiveness’ or ‘expansion.’ This described the panoramic landscape lens that I could see with, the ocean and sky in particular. This new perspective seemed to be(come) my new way of viewing (the world), at least while on holiday in Roberts Creek.

It also referred to my heart. For somehow this vastness contributed to the expansion of my heart. This, in addition to being in nature and, more importantly, in the process work with Roberto Kaplan ( and

I know he was instrumental to my heart’s and thus my soul’s expansion. His work is very deep and I sensed there were more layers. Aren’t there always, at least in the healing process? I say soul (as in soul’s expansion) because it felt like a shift, a major shift in my being, and as a result my thinking, my way of thinking.

It felt this way to me because when I returned home, it seemed that my world collapsed. What I mean by this is that the backyard where I live as well as my suite seemed to shrink or close in around me. It felt somewhat claustrophobic which is why, rather than unpack immediately (as I normally would), I took a stroll through part of one of several nature trails close by.

I did this for about 1-1/2 hours before dusk until my soul (felt) settled and I felt calmer inside, not so grief-stricken. It was a weird experience for me, but I’m grateful for it.

Grateful for it made me realize in part that I needed to move. In order to further open up my world so-to-speak and perhaps my consciousness and way of seeing. After all, I remember that the word ‘expansion’ came to me intuitively when I first decided to move to the North Shore, a move I thought I would never undertake: too far away from work and my social/community activities, and it rains more there than Vancouver.

However, I have come to know deep within me that North Vancouver is the place that is closest to my heart. I have an affinity for mountains and trees in particular, and water too all stemming from my European background.

Furthermore, the energy is different. I can feel it going through Stanley Park and especially along the Lions Gate Bridge that takes commuters to the North Shore. It’s not hustle bustle-busy like the city of Vancouver is. It’s still a city but more laid-back, more peaceful and quiet.  Though I still seem to be hustling and bustling!  ; )  Could it be that I need to slow down so my soul will expand even more?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Here I Go ... Again!

Photo taken in Roberts Creek, BC

Ok, I'm taking a leap of faith here in a way, rather spilling out my guts about my new situation/dilemma I'm currently dealing with.  I'm moving, again.

Yes, in less than a year, even though ideally I had planned that this was to be a long-term residency, three to five years at least!  After all, who likes to move?  Well, at least I certainly don't.  And of course, I have my reasons to do so this time, though I'm also following Spirit.

So, suffice to say I realize that what I need to learn is (1) the lesson(s) that this move and place brought me so I don't (have to) repeat them again AND (2) to trust, trusting the Universe/God/Spirit (whatever term you prefer to use) that my heart's desires or more importantly what is for my highest and greatest good will be served or manifested.

I know that God/Spirit/Universe including the angels know what I want - and need - for that matter for me to be truly happy, but this time I am looking for my ideal, my ideal home.  I know what I want and I prefer not to settle for less, if possible, as I would like to make my heart happy, make my heart sing, again.

I really, truly would love to live in a place that is home, feels like home. A place of beauty, serenity, inspiration, light. Is that too much to ask for?

So in my search, my quest for my home, I need to remember in each moment to be present (so I don't misplace my cell as I've already done twice in one day recently!) and to have faith.  Trust, faith, belief, hope as I more or less mentioned or alluded to in my last posting.  After all, Spirit guided me to move this time with three indications:  my initial on-and-off thoughts as I dwelled on the possibility (and later perhaps through my intuition), through the spontaneous remark of an 'intuitive' as she calls herself (or 'intuitionist' as I prefer) whose name is Karen McGregor ( and, and through my landlord in what she verbally expressed.

By the way, if any of you reading this happen to know someone who has a place in beautiful North Vancouver, feel free to check out my revised ad on Craigs List or Kijiji (under "***IDEAL Tenant ... ").  And in the meantime, I'll take some deep breaths, observe my thinking, and believing, trusting, and having faith in synchronicities and miracles.  (Some prayers and/or meditations wouldn't hurt either!)

p.s.  The above photo symbolizes three aspects to me:  (1) the word 'om' sounding like 'home' (2) me synchronistically picking heart-shaped objects including stones/rocks, etc., and (3) the symbol 'aum' (or 'om') looking in part like the number three, my favourite number.  ; )