Thursday, February 28, 2013

Expressions of the Heart

The above is the title I got intuitively while pondering writing about matters of the heart…that is to say, that (in italics) is an example of an expression about the heart that I’d like to write about! You probably use a number of these from time to time as they are or can be so close to one’s heart! ; )

We often use emotional expressions using pieces of the heart so-to-speak such as “at heart” as in a person is “playful at heart” or “to heart” as in “I take that to heart” – where is that?…in the middle of one’s heart? More often than not though, we may say something more along the lines of having a “heart-to-heart talk” or “I love you with all my heart.”

Why do we sometimes seemingly love only from the bottom of our heart as in Stevie Wonder’s song, “I Just Called to Say ‘I Love You’” when he sings “And I mean it from the bottom of my heart” – as opposed to the top or even the middle or centre of our heart? What’s that about? Where did these silly phrases or idioms come from?

While writing this blog, to open my heart (and mind?) in preparation of writing this blog posting – parts of it including the beginning was written spontaneously (i.e., intuitively) – I listened to some ‘heart’ or ‘love’ songs. One was from a CD by Antara Dekanic which I got from Luna Ravenchilde aka (also known as) Astraea Starr ( The CD is Chakra Trancen-dance and the piece related to the heart is entitled “LOVE BREATH heart chakra.” I was literally and figuratively moved by the track (as I was dancing to it at the time) to buy the CD immediately after Luna’s dance class!

Another CD is by a sweet couple – Kirkland and Laura Ross – I met them at Banyen Books ( last year when they were on tour with their healing music. The CD “OmniPure, DNA Music” is the one I currently have, as their latest one wasn’t out yet. Best to check out their website ( as I’m sure it can explain their healing music much better than I can!

Lastly, Snatam Kaur (, whose voice I first heard via Abheeru, one of the founders and DJ’s of Just Dance ( Snatam’s music brought forth a premonition (a strong claircognizant impression in my heart/mind) that moved me to tears (and which later proved to be true, i.e., did occur).

When I heard Snatam in concert for the first time a short while later, I was crying most of the time as her voice is not only pure like that of an angel (that’s what came to me intuitively), but brought me ‘home’ to me, my soul. I can’t explain that. Listen to her live if possible, if not her CDs, or better yet, both! She will take you to your heart, your centre, your soul if you allow her to open your heart.

Some of the more positive idioms I like are, “Follow your heart” – I have been working on that for a long time and still am! ; ) – and someone who has a “heart of gold.” (Oh, by the way, if you find someone like that, will you let me know please!) ; )

At times I, and I’m sure you do too, learn or know “something by heart.” For me it’s reciting poetry, including two Shakespearean soliloquies. What is it for you?

How about to “have your heart on something.” I know what mine is…can you guess?! Mine is my vision of a non-traditional, co-creative children’s choir (see my very first couple of blog postings in particular about this).

What do you take to heart? What expressions do you hold close to your heart? Do you pour your heart out? Do you follow your heart?

How have you expressed your heart lately? (For example I read love poems, by Rumi and Hafiz, at work during a Valentine’s luncheon)

What are your heart’s desires? Do you take them to heart? ; ) Have no fear. Take heart! <3 (that is the shape of a heart, at least in FB land!)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kenosis - Learning to Let Go ...

I got to participate in a cool – actually hot! – ceremony today as a result of visiting LVUC ( in North Vancouver, being a member of their community choir, byoVoice ( singing “what i want” a heartfelt poem written by Pat Lowther ( (who happened to be born in Vancouver and grew up in North Vancouver) and music written by Stephen Smith (also from Vancouver).

Pastor Blair Odney defined the season of Kenosis simply as ‘self-emptying.’ According to Wikipedia, “in Christian theology, Kenosis from the Greek word for emptiness is the 'self-emptying' of one's own will and becoming entirely receptive to God's divine will.”

Like I said before it was (both) a cool and hot ceremony. The congregation was invited to write on a piece of tissue-like paper what they were willing to let go of. I wrote “worry and anxiety…” especially concerning a particular aspect of my life.

Even though I witnessed the pastor and a few other members burn and release their paper, when it was my turn – ouch! a slight sting – I didn’t let go completely of the piece of paper like others had. What was I thinking?! Silly me!

What I discovered and relearned in that process was the importance of letting go, not only figuratively, but also literally. I have come to know that the most important aspect of actualizing (or manifesting) something is to let go, completely. If I had let go of the paper (completely) while it was burning – the way it burned so quickly was like magic to my eyes – I wouldn’t have hurt my finger, even slightly.

No wonder then that this morning the card that tumbled from a small deck of cards that I received from Anne Marie Evers, (, the Affirmation Doctor, was ‘Spiritual Growth.’ (See blog posting Mon. June 26, 2011 for picture and another related story).

Later in the day, I rediscovered (as I had forgotten) that the Oscars were on tonight. In the past, I watched them fervently. Now I feel that I have outgrown my addiction for watching award shows as I have other interests (and self-imposed deadlines such as writing blog postings!). I can do without (watching) the Oscars and am totally at peace with that. So I feel I have grown spiritually in this regard.

What are you emptying or releasing from yourself?

Friday, February 8, 2013

An Unusual Message

An unusual voice mail message greeted me upon returning home from work one evening near the end of January: “Um, hi Elly, I emailed you asking you for your address so we could send you the book so, haven’t heard from you, so please ca-all back. Call me or email me with your address. Thank you.”

No (mention of a) company name, no phone number, not even the name of the contact (i.e., person)!

I’m thinking, Who are you?! What book? Why? Am I (mentioned) in a book? If so, why? And why didn’t you, whoever you are, leave me your phone number or email address if you wanted me to contact you back?!

Interesting too in that I’m really great at recognizing voices from people, even from months or years ago, yet I had no idea who this was or could be. I listened to the recording several times to no avail.

Since I was able to press ‘8’ for an automatic reply, I got a recording of the phone number which was a 250 area code (outside the lower Mainland, Vancouver and area). I dialed the number, still not knowing the name – personal or company – associated with it and left a message along the lines of “I have no idea who you are and what book you are referring to. Could you please email me? …” I didn’t wish to leave my number as I thought it might be a scam or fraud...sometimes a business calls using random dialing as opposed to from a contact list that I may have signed up on.

Lo and behold, I get an email February 1st – later, after the fact, I discover that the previous email was dated a few days prior – from Edwin Coppard, musician extraordinaire ( Please send your address so we can send you a book! Thanks Edwin

Upon reading that, my immediate thought was Holy Shit! (pardon the expression) I’m in Edwin's book! I must be in it or else why would I get a free copy? Besides, I recollected that I submitted a story and song to be included in his book.

My email reply was, Oh, the voice mail message came from you?! Sure! That would be mean I'm in it?! ;)

I can hardly wait to read my story and my inspired song! WOW! I am soooooooooooo excited … I can hardly wait … I feel like a kid at Christmas time! be continued

What is something you created that you love? And that someone else admires as well? (not that they have to!)