Sunday, September 28, 2014

Soulful Sunday: Fave Posts - Mine and Yours

Photo I took of smarties (candies): see the heart-shaped one? ;)

It seems that the top favourite post of 'mine' was....drum roll please...

"No, I do NOT Speak Indian!" by my guest blogger and friend, Vinodini Iyer! Woohoo! It's no wonder as her writing is brilliant. With replies from both myself and Vinodini to the people who commented, it added up to a lot of comments. And it seemed a bit heated. It made for an interesting post, just with the responses themselves! ;) So thank you Vinodini Iyer for provoking controversial discussion.

Here is a video entitled, "I M Indian" - thanks to Corinne Rodriges - that perfectly illustrates the point Vinodini was attempting to make in her guest post, though I do suggest you read that as well.

I have met quite a number of other brilliant Indian writers through my blogging challenges. They amaze me with their language and some of the words they use. Their writing is so captivating! I find quite a number of them who have twisted storylines. Please understand that this is a compliment. You all surprise me with your superb writing...yes, that includes some of you male bloggers too: Anmol Rawat, Shashank Tiwari or Shanx, etc. (I don't have your names memorized yet, though actually I have with a number of Indian bloggers which rather amazes me. Must be my chanting in Sanskrit! ;))

The second most favourite post was World Gratitude Day: Part 2 (#MicroblogMonday) inspired by the writing of another blogger, Nabanita Dhar - thanks again dear! The post featured remarks that were uplifting, positive, joyful, and well happy, just like the song! I highly recommend listening to the video at ;)

Though the In Honour of National Tree Day post didn't receive as many replies, it did however bring forth rather unusual and intriguing ones. For that in and of itself is worth a read! (

My own writing favourites were World Gratitude Day: Part 2 because I love that song: Read the post! ( ;) Also, though I loved receiving two awards that I wrote about last Friday, it was fun to figure out what I wanted to write about in terms of 17 points about myself.

And some of my favourite posts that I read this past week:

Shailaja Vishwanath wrote a brilliant piece that I just love as sometimes it can be a challenge to always be happy. It reminded me of a poem I "should" have written when upset about an incident that I experienced this past week. The phrase, "Plastic Voices, Plastic Faces" came to mind and I knew intuitively that that was the title of a poem (the one I should have written)! Maybe I will, later. ;) See

I loved Nabanita Dhar's theory on gratitude which inspired my post early in the week (see above). Check our her blog at

Judy Yaron's posts usually make me laugh. These two are guaranteed to do the same for you:!Actually-I-wanted-to-write-about-SEX-/clxq/B71C3993-506C-40C7-949C-3DE4BAD7127B as well as!I-used-to-be-a-maleperson/clxq/D50DE852-4FDC-4505-8DDD-C1933E83AEF8.

What post would you most favour of mine this past week (other than Vinodini's which we know you all love)? And why? (The feedback is good for me to learn to improve my writing and/or blog!) ;)


  1. i never dreamt I would say this, but "Woo hoo, Elly! You rock!" You are so awesome with your love of Life and others, your kindness and generosity. In Hebrew we have an expression "Firgun" meaning "the act of saying nice things about a person for no other reason than to make the other feel good" and you dear Elly are the Queen of Firgun!

    I too have fallen in love with our Indian bloggers and look forward to their twisted plots, their thoughtful stories and beautiful poetic styles.

    As for your posts this week, I loved the one about trees, but more so the one about your sunshine award - you area rainbow of color and so deserving.

    And thank you for the mention. I am happy that my posts put a smile on your face ... Big HUGS <3

    1. Ah Judy, a karmic "Woo hoo" to me! I give one to Vinodini, I get one back! ;) And I actually picked a note today at 'Word on the Street Festival' and it said, "One who benefits others receives help from others." I'm hoping that's true 'cause I asked a question to everyone on Ultra Blog Challenge re. linkage which I'm having a challenge with. ;) Thanks for the compliment and feedback Judy. And love your posts, especially those two! ;) <3 ((Judy)) <--hug

  2. Thanks Elly! The guest post wouldn't have been what it is without you :)
    Among your posts this week, I second Judy, I loved the Sunshine award post too...not because you nominated me (of course, that made me happy!), but because the post emitted lots of happiness... That reminds me, I loved the one you posted on Monday too, The Happy could I forget that! Thanks for the mention <3

  3. Well, and likewise Vinodini, my blog wouldn't have been the same without you! ;) Thanks for the feedback and yeah, I loved all my posts this week, though I would say of mine, the two you mentioned would probably be my favourite! ;) <3

  4. Thanks so much Elly...You summed up some of my favorite posts here...

    I liked this post of yours

    It was like an alarm bell you know

    Hugs <3

    1. Thanks Nabanita, though that one was posted the week prior. I would be curious, if you have a moment, to let me know your favourite for this week and why...thanks! ;) <3

  5. I read them all..and I agree with you!!
    Brilliant writers they all!

    1. Yeah, they're amazing writers! It makes me want to be an "Indie Blogger!" ;) <3

  6. Thanks a ton for the mention Elly. Also, I agree with the comments above. I go along with the earlier award post. Would like to mention that I had loved reading a post where you had mentioned about the fire jugglers/players (my bad, don't remember the exact term :( )
    Best Wishes.

    1. Oh, that was my "Frolicking Fun Friday: Painting with Fire Part 2" (Sept. 19th post, on the right-hand side for now). The video of them yeah was cool! Ah, you are Shashank and Shanx...ah, now I see! Thought those were two different people! ;) <3