Saturday, September 6, 2014

Smorgasbord Saturday: 1st Week of Ultra Blog Challenge

As per Kathy Hadley's email suggestion about Ultra Blog Challenge postings, I have come up with some of my own versions of themes for the day. They may change slightly per week and/or per per month; however, my intent is to post shorter blogs as much as possible:

(1) I understand how much time and effort it can take to read and/or comment on blogs (2) how much time and effort for me to read and/or research, write, download information/images/videos, and post blog postings (3) I prefer to be outside on especially nice days such as the bright sunny one today, and (4) have a life other than blogging, though don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it!

So here is a recap of my weeks posts (if I am interpreting this correctly):

Amusingly, I started the Ultra Blog Challenge on the wrong foot (though apparently not the only one), when I wrote about "Another Ultimate Blog Challenge" only to realize, though similar in name, it is slightly different. ;) I wrote about why I reconsidered another month of daily blogging and why perhaps you may choose to too!:

I met five new people that day - thank you for your comments - two whom I had met prior via the Ultimate Blog Challenge! ;)

And Tuesday, thinking it was Monday after a long weekend, was originally going to be "Mental Health Monday" as a theme in lieu of somewhere where I read 'health' was the theme for this month. I entitled it, "Part 2: Aftermath of a Brilliant Comic’s Death: Funnyman Robin Williams": It is a slightly longer post (though not too long) with some facts about mental health and a fun-filled video featuring Bobby McFerrin and Robin Williams, the late beloved actor and comedian.

"Word-less" - a word I created (as I love inventing words) - Wednesday displays a photo I took last year with a very brief post, my shortest in fact: comments that day, thus far! ;)

On Thursday, the theme was "Talented Thursday" and I changed the title to end with, "Blogging AND...?!" which you will understand when you read it: This was from my perspective as a blogger who is a singleton.

Last but not least, for "Frolicking Fun Friday: Painting with Fire," I wrote about something entertaining that I thought you might enjoy, albeit I couldn't seem to download the videos my friend took:

"Smorgasbord Saturday" is named as I am recapping my posts that span a variety of subjects.

Thank you to my robust readers, faithful followers, and courageous commenters! Love you all! :) <3 (There may be better words to describe my readers and commenters, but that's what came to my mind immediately and I can't seem to think of any others. If you have better descriptors, let me know and I may consider changing it!) ;)


  1. What an insanely productive week! Good for you!

  2. Leaf to borrow..I pour out pages on Will try out the short ones and see NICE BLOG!

  3. Thanks Ritah! I will check yours out too...later! :) <3