Friday, September 26, 2014

Frolicking Fun Friday: Two (2) Awards?!

This post was originally titled, "Talented Thursday: Supposedly Me!" but then I changed it as I posted Vinodini Iyer's story yesterday.

WOWWWWW! I just (accidentally) discovered that I have been nominated for not one, but two awards! Two blogging awards!! And on the same day, from one blog post! Woohoo!!

One is the Sunshine Award - not sure what it means though I love the name of it. I'm guessing spreading sunshine through writing perhaps? Uplifting someone's spirits? Making someone smile? (I later discover it's about "spreading smile and cheer." I'm pretty close, not bad eh? I got the 'spreading' part right! ;)

That award reminds me of my post the other day with a photo of me where I have a wide grin on my face, actually laughing - After all, laughter is contagious and well, smiles can be too sometimes! ;)

The other award I got awarded (couldn't resist that play on words) is The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I'm told that my blog (amongst a few others nominated) is "inspiring, entertaining and written with sincerity." I'm tickled pink, yet again! ;)

Both awards have been bestowed upon me by a relatively recent member of my blogging or blogosphere tribe known affectionally as 'eccentricgrandmum' (according to her blog) - I think I will start calling her 'Grandma' soon as she oozes sweetness. I just sense that about her.

Her real name is Usha Menon. Check out her fun, sometimes funny, blog in which she writes about various topics. She has a love for haiku poetry which she is naturally brilliant at. I so admire this - totally impressed - as I find that such a challenge to write! ;)

Now for 17 things about me (as part of receiving this award)...not sure why 17, but here goes:

1. I was born in Holland also known formally as 'The Netherlands' in a small town near Belgium. However, I did live for awhile in Amsterdam before moving to Canada.
2. I was born a twin who died shortly after birth, and consider myself 'monkey in the middle' in my family of two older sisters and two younger brothers. (
3. I love nature, especially trees and flowers - someone else better take care of the plants than me though! ;) - and also animals, especially cats and lately dogs due to my favourite dog, golden labrador upstairs where I live.
4. I love to look at the moon and stars in the night sky, and the clouds and/or blue sky during the day.
5. I see heart-shaped objects in a lot of things including nature.
6. I love pizza and green beans - NO, not together! ;) Thin crust pizza please to taste the ingredients!
7. I LOVE music, always have, always will especially and including electronic (as it is meditative, puts me in a meditative type of trance) and 'new age' and East Indian with harmonium, sitar, tabla instruments, not necessarily together. ;)
8. I love to sing and have sung from tenor range to soprano, mostly though as an alto in choirs. Alto is my favourite as I love harmony and to harmonize.
9. I love to chant in Sanskrit. One of the best ways for me to feel peace, joy, love, bliss! ;)
10. I love to dance - creative, spontaneous dance to all kinds of music. I have been considered a "Dancing Queen" as in ABBA, one of my favourite rock bands. ;) I can even dance while sitting with my head bopping and/or my toes tapping!
11. I love looking and feeling young-at-heart though chronically I am a senior, albeit a young one next year! However, I'm open to 'senior' discounts! ;)
12. Though I tend to be more on the serious side, I love to tease, joke around, and have fun. Thus, all my winks like so: ;)
13. I love to inspire and empower others. I am a natural 'encourager' and 'supporter' of people to live their life's purpose and passions.
14. I love the creative and performing arts, including the expressive arts - music and poetry are some of my favourite loves. Essentially creativity and self-expression are important to me which is why I love writing/blogging.
15. I love movies. My favourites are comedies, dramas, and documentaries. I love books too: biographies and autobiographies, fiction, poetry ...
16. I get words a lot intuitively, spontaneously, claircognizantly. I just 'get them'...I don't see or hear them. I was told to write by a psychic years ago. (See my profile for details.)
17. I'm told by many that I have a great voice and wonder if I should have explored being a radio announcer or the like.

Follow these instructions if you receive the award(s). You have to
(1) write a blog to acknowledge the award(s). Then (2) copy and paste the photos on your blog/post and (3) write 17 things about yourself.
(4) Nominate six to eight bloggers who you find fit for the award. (5) Inform all the nominees that they have been nominated. You need not nominate every one for two awards. The Sunshine Award represents spreading smile and cheer. That's it! Have fun! :)

I would have nominated Usha Menon with both awards if she hadn't nominated me! :)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE ... I hereby nominate the following bloggers, in alphabetical order, for both awards for various reasons including courage, wit, sincerity, humour, creativity, and twisted plots. I know I missed some bloggers whose writing I also admire. I haven't even gotten to the men yet! ;) Maybe next time?

Amy Bovaird, Asiya Fathima, Judy Yaron, Nabanita Dhar, Nisha Sanjeev, Penny McDaniel, Shailaja Vishwanath, Vinodini Iyer


  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved awards! It is wonderful to know a few things about you. Stay young, and stay happy!

    1. Thanks Beloo. I rarely, if ever, feel my age. I range anywhere from age six to about 20 or 25! ;) <3

  2. Congrats Elly! Well deserved award for a sweet young lady( or shall I say girl?) ;) Loved reading all those things about you...I got to hear your voice now :)
    Thanks for nominating me. Truly an honor coming from you.

    1. Thanks Vinodini. Well 'young woman' will suffice, thanks! ;) I'm glad to return the favour as you initially gave me an award...hmmm...where is that badge? ;) <3

  3. How lovely, dear Elly, well deserved award! If there is anyone who spreads joy and sunshine - it is you! Mazal Tov with big HUGS <3 I think I knew most of the 17 facts about you - although the Dutch origin was a bit of a surprise. Thanks so much for the nomination. How cool is that! So appreciated, although not quite sure, what I'm supposed to do, if anything but continue to write and share. Big HUGS <3

    1. Thanks Judy. Yes, keep on writing your posts with humour - you spread joy and sunshine too! - and just follow the award template. ;) <3

  4. Congrats Elly!!!! And thank you for letting us bloggers peep into your true self. I know you much better now.
    Thanks so much for nominating me. Am honoured and humbled Elly!

    1. Thank you Nisha, and you are welcome! My pleasure: you deserve it! :) <3

  5. Congratulations, Miss Elly! If anyone can spread sunshine, it is you, my friend. Loved the 17 facts about you! You are a creative being...I love that you chant in Sanskrit. Thank you for the nomination. I am humbled and honored. :)

    1. Thanks Penny. Yes, creativity is a big part of my life...I forgot to mention one..hmm...may add it or change one... ;) <3 Love your posts too...keep writing! :) <3

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Shauna! :) <3 (I replied on Sept. 27th; however, think I forgot to hit the 'reply' button so you may not have seen it. Thus am resending my response.) <3

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  8. Thank you love, for nominating me! I'm honoured... :D and you really deserve the awards as you fulfill the credentials to the T! Congrats, Elly... Drums roll please

    1. You're welcome Asiya. Your posts are full of genuine warmth, caring, and sincerely. It reflects the heart of gold you have towards nature, animals, sentient beings - ok, except for cockroaches! ;) Thanks! <3

    2. Oh, and plus, I love your haiku. You seem to be a natural at it. :) <3