Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday (Summer) Salsa!

Photo courtesy from Ray Van Eng: Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, outdoor plaza with boardwalk, a marine-themed water fountain, and view of Coal Harbor and downtown Vancouver

My body and spirit wanted to dance, salsa that is! I learned that there would be salsa dancing at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, BC.

When I came upon the outdoor dancing platform near the covered stage, I was surprised to see no one dancing. How could that be? Just because it was a cloudy day with a tad (hardly!) of rain?

I thought it a perfect day to dance, to salsa that is, being a bit cool and lots of space to dance and move around in - a perfect combo - thank goodness for a cloudy and a wee bit of rain yesterday (Saturday).

So I approached the small troupe, three instructors awaiting would-be dancers, by the laptop computer blasting music out the large soundspeakers on stage.

One of the two men present whom I would later come to know as the 'leader' asked me if I would like to learn how to dance salsa. He introduced himself as Roger. I heartily replied in the affirmative, though stating that I had taken dance classes years ago to which he responded if I wished a free dance lesson.

Well, why not?! Of course! How can you NOT love salsa dancing and rhythms? I LOVE salsa!

It is amusing to me that I later find out that my dance instructor and partner, Roger Chen is the Director of Salsa Studio which is based out of HarbourDance ( in downtown Vancouver. Interesting to me as years ago, shortly after I arrived in Vancouver, I had applied to work there as a dance instructor. What can I say: I was desperate for a job and loved to dance.

What kind of dance music do you love to listen to? Dance to? How does it make you feel? Who are you being when you do?


  1. I love dancing too - nothing formal, just moving! There is definitely something about moving our bodies that frees up all the dead, negative energy in our bodies, it just feels good and we should be doing more of it! I find other cultures where dance is prominent just seem way happier than we do. Singing and dancing definitely heal our physical bodies.

    1. I so agree Sherri! Dancing is not only good for our bodies, but good for our souls. :) <3 And yes, both singing and dancing great for healing I believe more than just the physical level. ;)