Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Part 3: Healing Hands

Artwork I did of my 'healing hands' in pastels

Unaware I was, at first, of my hands having the (potential) ability to heal, that is, assist in the healing process, whether myself or others - I am only a channel or instrument of healing energy - until I took classes in Dahn yoga. "Dahn" refers to "primal vital energy" in Korean. They utilize physical exercises "as a blend of yoga, tai chi, and martial arts exercises." ( I would personally add to that "intense."

"According to Dahn Yoga Basics, a book published by Dahn Yoga Education, Dahn Yoga has "three unique characteristics: the mastery and use of energy, enhancing the body-brain connection, and self-managed, holistic health care. The practice draws upon traditional notions of ki, also known as chi or qi." (I referred to these terms two days ago.)

Almost two years ago when I learned Reiki (see posting July 21st, two days ago), I was re-introduced to the concept of my hands as instruments of healing.

During a dahn yoga class, we were experimenting with energy by rubbing our palms briskly together and then pulling them apart slowly at first, then moving them closer and farther apart. I was surprised yet delighted when I noticed the sensation of heat between my hands - shown as red in my artwork below - and also tingling or prickles, feeling at times like lines and other times like small or tiny bubbles.

Similarly many years ago, a woman was demon- strating how to feel energy in one's hands. I experimented holding my palms close together at first, then pulling them farther and farther apart, slowly at first. At the time, I could not feel any sensation on or in between the palms of my hands.

In an earlier blog post I had written, "I find it interesting that this year is the first when a few healing modalities have come across my path synchronistically that I have been drawn to explore; all involve my hands." And I go on to say, "I never thought of myself as a healer, never thinking I had the ability to heal..."

I have, however, known for quite some time that my hands are important in my calling or individual life purpose. This, because my hands sometimes channel my writings when the words and phrases come to me easily and effortlessly, sometimes fast and furious like a river, but oftentimes in bits and pieces.

My hands also do their own magic by performing spontaneous rhythms through loud or wild gestures speaking emphatically (which my parents denounce), but more often that not on a more subtle level (and sometimes not) when they move spontaneously in an intuitive way. It's challenging to explain this in words.

A woman with a gift of clairvoyance ('seeing clearly', an intuitive or psychic terminology), told me a few years ago that she actually saw sparkles around my hands. She furthermore informed me that I was accessing or retrieving information from the past when I moved my hands in a certain way; I do this particular movement quite regularly, especially when attempting to recall information.

Some of you may think this is all "woo woo", strange/unusual/weird phenomena; however, remember that Jesus healed people with his hands. There are also Christian and/or other religions that practice the 'laying on of hands.' I used to be a member of one where the priesthood (only men) performed this and it was a common occurrence for blessings of all kinds, including healings.

Do you think you might have healing hands? Have you ever tried the hand experiment above? Do you think your hands are capable of healing others or yourself?

NB: I am not endorsing any particular healing modality. You are responsible for the choices and actions you take. Discern what is right and best for you in whichever way you do that whether through researching, praying, etc. I am only relaying my own experiences here. This is part of my personal journey.


  1. I drew the pastel artwork in one of my earliest Expressive Arts (EXA) Therapy classes on the physical body. I traced my hands and drew what I felt/imagined. The second photo depicts the sensation of heat between my hands which I experience from time to time. More commonly, I feel prickles or tingling in my hand, sometimes a combo of that and heat.

    1. Remember the movie Avatar?

      Where all those blue people were connected by an

      They were able to communicate with plants and

      Well, that is not just a fantasy.

      It turns out that kind of “energy” is real.

      Deepak Chopra wrote about a study, where scientists
      saw monkeys dipping potatoes in saltwater before
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      Then they saw the rest of the tribe doing it.

      Pretty logical so far right?

      But get this: Monkeys in different parts of the WORLD
      started dipping potatoes in salt water.

      There was no way they could have communicated
      with each other.

      The only explanation was that they communicated
      through an invisible, “intelligent energy.”

      The Japanese call this energy “Ki”.

      It stands for “Life Force”

      In fact, a man named Mikao Usui developed a
      SYSTEM of healing called Reiki.

      And this system of healing uses this intelligent energy
      to heal people.

      It is one of the most ancient, profound and
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      We just need to recognize it and release it.

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      Alright, till next time.

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  2. Yes I have healing hands and also have studied reiki 1 and 11, think it might be time to brush up as reiki keeps crossing my path :)

    1. Great that you are aware of your healing hands Suzie. And yes, if you are getting signs to continue with your Reiki, then do so. Follow your heart! ;) <3

  3. Ah yet another interesting topic! I've had a close interaction with some who is healer. I've never met him, he stays in another city far away, but he sees images of me. He can tell me what color I'm wearing right now, my surroundings etc. I feel such people are very gifted.

    1. Cool! Well he certainly seems gifted, though we all are and we have the ability to develop these (healing) gifts/capacities. You too my dear if you wish! ;) <3

  4. I meant *someone who is clairvoyant

  5. Love the pictures, lovely post Elly x

    1. Thanks Rachel. Though not my best artwork, what I love about expressive arts therapy though is that it's not about the end result, but the process! ;) <3

  6. Yes I have healing hands, many years ago I used them on my mother, then a few months ago I was asked why I was not using my hands. I went home and started to give healing to my partner. Just last week I was told by an old lady I went to care for that my aura was purple, I have been told this many times. I believe we all have the power to heal, but we don't all use it!

    1. Great, that you are aware of your gift for healing with your hands Lisa. And though auras are multi-coloured, it could be that the predominant one she saw was purple. However, aura colours do change. And yes, I agree wholeheartedly that we all have the power to heal. :) <3