Sunday, July 20, 2014

Half the Battle with Ultimate Blog Challenge

Photo of me a few years ago by Roberto Kaplan (those were my signature earrings!)

I realize posting every day this month, thus far, that half 'the battle' is deciding what topic to write about. And speaking of 'half' I am glad that this Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) is more than half over!

Please understand, I do enjoy writing, love to 'write' actually - I type 99.99% of the time - and blog. However, at this time, due to full-time work and other responsibilities including community volunteer work, it is a challenge for me to blog on a daily basis. (I'm sure I'm not the only one!)

And besides, I truly wish to be different and stand out, not be like everyone else (ok, maybe not everybody) in posting daily or almost daily.

Really, who has the time nowadays to read all these blog postings, in addition to books and other writings (magazines, articles, etc.) anyway? That is why my preference is to write, usually, biweekly. Depending on the number of weeks per month, that entails two postings, sometimes three. I throw in an extra posting occasionally on a whim, when the urge and/or inspiration strikes me to do so.

Even though my posts have varied extremely, bouncing around topics like a striked ping pong ball, I am still on track, at least in my mind. More often than not, I do my best to keep with the themes as stated on my blog home page that weave through my writing and questions: our essence (beingness), authenticity, self-expression, and gifts (talents) in the hopes of inspiring and/or empowering some of you from time to time.

Originally my blog's intent was to inform people, the general public (particularly in my community) about me as to who I am and what my alternative youth choir (what I used to term "co-creative children's and youth choir") was about. Read (Call to Action) and Why Me? Why this Choir?

The choir is an ongoing project for now. I expect to relaunch next year if all goes well, that is, according to 'plan.' Time will tell...

For those of you who blog or write (or type) daily, what challenges do you face? What do you do when you are blocked with your writing? What techniques/tools/tips do you use to ensure you have an abundance of material/ideas/inspiration/creativity to fuel you?

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