Friday, July 18, 2014

Do You See What You WANT to See? (An Enigma to Solve)

You may consider this post to be slightly "off-the-wall" as I am going with memory and not all the facts in hand, not just yet. So please forgive me in advance! And I have a favour to ask you, a request at the end, if I may.

However, I do wish to post about the following topic as best I can to postulate a theory regarding my blog post yesterday.

Have any of you heard of this scientific experiment/study/theory where an observer, say of a scientific experiment, discovers that by the very act of observing, he/she is actually able to change the results, i.e., that their act of observation influences the results (of the experiment)?

Essentially, that means that the scientist/observer sees what they expect/want to see. I know that might be a HUGE stretch, a BIG leap of faith for some of you; however, I recall that that is what I saw and/or read at least twice (once a few years ago and once more recently), though unfortunately I can't recall the movie/video/book title - I thought it a reliable source - nor the name of the author or scientist (?) concerning this study/science experiment/theory.

It may have something to do with quantum physics or particle theory or the like. The name of the scientist could possibly have been either David Bohm or Niels Bohr, but I’m not quite certain.

Namely, what the observer expects is what occurs in this particular study/experiment. If my recollection serves me well, I believe it was actually a scientist looking at something under a microscope - cells possibly or the like – that were acting or rather, reacting, responding to him, the observer.

I mention this because if this is indeed true, it has intriguing implications. As I mentioned yesterday about the weather, similar to the law of attraction (in that what we focus on expands either ‘positively’ or ‘negatively’), what would happen if we focus on something, expecting it to be a certain way, that is, having a certain result? Imagine this now with weather? Could this be possible or is it simply a preposterous idea?

Is this the “observer effect? “In science, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed...Historically, the observer effect has been confused with the uncertainty principle.” (

Can any of you dear readers solve this enigma and tell me the name of the scientist and/or the name of the study/theory I am referring to above?


  1. I am not aware of the facts and the people who came up with the theory but I do see a possibility in the observation and our thoughts about the same to lead in a change the outcome.
    You're quite a thinker Elly! All your posts come from deep thought I guess, and of course a lot of reading.

  2. No worries Vinodini. I am sure I will find out, sooner or later. And yeah, me, too much a thinker! ;) Need to get more into my heart! <3