Thursday, July 24, 2014

Part 4: Healing with A.C.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I explored a few healing modalities that involved the use of my hands and spoke briefly about my 'healing hands.' Furthermore, that I never thought of myself as a healer having healing abilities. That belief changed when I came across 'Access Consciousness' or 'AC' in short as I sometimes refer to it as. No, not air conditioning! (

Access Consciousness is based on living in the realm of infinite possibilities through questioning as well as processes that include hands-on energy healing. The tools and processes if applied aid in empowering individuals to create what they desire in their lives. Sometimes peoples' lives are altered so dramatically and within a short period of time.

My question in my profile to the right of this blog post is, "What is your heart's desire?" and though that question arose as a result from an individual I met years ago, Access Consciousness is one possibility of bringing that to fruition.

I find it both intriguing and amusing that when I was typing my blog title in the address bar on the computer, I started typing, www.xpressyourconsciousness. Hmmm?! WEIP? HDIGABTT? (Those are two acronyms for some of the common questions we ask: What else is possible? How does it get any better than this?)

NB: By the way, I am not endorsing any particular healing modality. You are responsible for the choices and actions you take. Discern what is right and best for you in whichever way you do that whether through researching, praying, meditation, etc. I am only relaying my own experiences here. This is part of my personal journey.

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