Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NaBloPoMo: Make...a Mistake? Who Me?! ;)

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I couldn't resist the title! Hope you don't mind, though I was actually making fun of myself. You can read it as if you are the 'me' if you wish to! ;)

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is as follows: "What was the last mistake you made? How did you try to fix it?"

I can't recall the last mistake I did so will answer generally.

I have, as we all have, made mistakes. In my case at least, many! Despite that, for some reason I still have to rack my brain as to what kind of recent mistake I made, yet alone any that I can write about!

Sometimes a mistake can be in the form of speaking impulsively, speaking one's mind, speaking one's truth, and at times speaking 'the' truth. There is a difference! At times speaking up is inappropriate and at other times, people can't handle it.

I would say my biggest mistakes other than that are when I do not trust and follow my intuition. I have come to learn that it is ALWAYS right! Yes, you read that right and it can be NO other way!

After all intuition comes from Spirit. I am not speaking about hallucinogenic voices or the like after all!

Though I would rather speak about what I did right, I will cite you at least one example, a big one, from my life.

In past, I have dated mostly the "wrong men". "How can you say that?" you may wonder. Hindsight is one of the best teachers in terms of lessons learned the hard way and unfortunately I did not necessarily learn from others' mistakes.

I primarily attracted men who were emotionally unavailable, i.e., an alcoholic, a pathological liar, a possessive man - dangerous! - a philanderer, and one with an emotional connection to an ex-girlfriend and another woman who liked him.

Truly I am embarrassed to admit all that; however, if it serves to help at least one person in this, then I am glad to have done so. Let me explain why -

Life is a mirror and everything we see and witness is a projection (think movie screen) of ourselves, namely our minds. You may have a challenging time believing this if you may be faith-based; however, I am telling you 'the' truth and there is a difference, i.e., what is indeed true!

Known as the 'law of attraction' it is basically the principle of like attracting like. This includes like-minded people, whether men and/or women, etc. And yes, to some degree opposites attract, though I am speaking here on an energetic level in terms of vibes.

Read my worst-case scenarios.

If I had trusted my intuition, my gut instinct, I would have never gone out with either the alcoholic or the possessive man.

However, even in worst-case scenarios, there are always lessons, albeit harsh, to be learned. And sometimes you have to - okay, I have to - learn the hard way in order to get it. I'm learning though...I think! ;)

What kind of mistakes do you tend to make? Can you 'correct' them and/or do you learn from them?


  1. Oh I make so many mistakes Ell.... But I guess it's okay to make mistakes, only then we learn no?

  2. As long as we learn from them, I guess mistakes are unavoidable and actually important to learn and grow in life.

  3. There have been many 'if only' moments in my life. But experience is the best teacher.

    1. Wise words spoken from a wise woman: that you are Carol! :) <3