Sunday, February 8, 2015

NaBloPoMo: Make ... a Collection

Today I'd like to blog along the theme of collections as a follow-up from the #NaBloPoMo theme a few days ago on home decor. I will keep it short; yesterday's post was much longer than expected. My apologies.

When I first moved into my suite (in a house) about 2-1/2 years ago, I noticed that there was quite a bit of wood in the surrounding environment, namely a pair of wooden blinds (which I admire) and a wood laminate floor that extends from the bedroom into the bathroom, not to mention the wooden deck outside. This paired with my coffee table and filing cabinet made of wood, and my dresser and side tables out of wood laminate made me consider ...

... to choose a theme to decorate my home: trees seemed to be a natural fit because of the wood (mentioned above), but more so because I love trees. You can read more about that and also see my tree shower curtain on my February 3rd post on paper trees.

I also have this 'thing' for hearts, or rather heart-shaped objects that I began to collect some time ago rather spontaneously. Read how this started on this post here.

Though I have gotten rid of quite a number of heart-shaped items, I still have the odd piece including a pillow (as in the photo above) and two angels holding hearts; see pictures to the left and below.

Apparently angels seemed to also become a household ornament that came to me spontaneously. Three out of four of them - one set is a pair - are from friends.

What are your collector items if you have any? If so, what is or are your favourites?

This post is linked to the daily #NaBloPoMo challenge for February.


  1. That privacy screen with the blossoming tree looks lovely! ☺ We collect many things (too many - both of us are such pack rats!), including coins, art plates, knick-knacks, books, movies, music (still have all my original vinyl LPs and 45s, plus cassettes and CDs). My biggest weakness is glassware though. I was in heaven when we toured the Corning Glass Factory and Museum, in New York state. Antique, coloured glass artifacts are so beautiful. ♥

  2. Yes, I do very much like it too Debbie! :) I used to collect coins as well, knick knacks, books for sure, and music, including vinyl LPs and 45s (just like you)! Luckily, I was able to sell the lot! :) It is certainly easy to collect things when there are so many beautiful things such as coloured glass! ;) <3

  3. I collect things from my travels - but, nowadays, with too much clutter, I try to keep the pieces small. I also have some refrigerator magnets - tacky, perhaps, but they trigger memories.

  4. I suppose that would be challenging Alana if you travel as you would want to collect souvenirs. Thus, small momentos makes sense, even if they are refridgerator magnets! :) <3

  5. I just sold two heart shaped rubies to a gal in Japan -- this made me think of them and how much you would have probably loved them.

    Personally, I am not a collector of anything except warm and fuzzy letters or notes from friends and family. Never thought about it until just now.

  6. Oh, that would indeed by lovely Carol! I probably would have loved them. I forgot to indicate - need to add the reference to my blog post as to how the heart-shaped collection got started! ;) ...I think letters and notes are wonderful memorabilia: precious and priceless...the best! :) <3