Thursday, February 5, 2015

NaBloPoMo: Make...a Dish Disaster!

Clip art of burnt-looking rice
Today's themed question: "Tell us about a dish you attempted to make that ended in disaster. Have you ever re-attempted the meal?"

This unusual prompt follows on the heels of yesterday's prompt on favourite dinner ... hmmm ...

As I referred to in yesterday's post, I have burned rice before and unfortunately more than once which is why I got a rice cooker! ;)

Other than that however, what comes to the forefront of my mind is when I recently imitated from memory, my Mom's recipe for oven-cooked cabbage. I had added vinegar (not sure how much, but definitely more than what was required), sliced apples (not enough), and a think a touch of sugar for sweetness to a small red cabbage in an enamel roaster. I may be missing an ingredient here, though I believe those are the main ones.

Clip art of red cabbage

You may be familiar with the strong smell of cooked cabbage, or rather cabbage that is cooking, aren't you? Now imagine that with the added aroma of white vinegar, a distinctly strong odor. Not a pleasant combination, not even separately!

The stench permeated the air even despite the stove overhead fan, a lit candle, natural lemon essential oil spray, and an open window. And not just in the air for that evening, nor even the next day, but also the one after that! In fact, I would say at least two days if not more!

Man, did I ever learn the hard way with this non-award winning recipe!

Did I repeat making it? I sure did, though with a lot less vinegar and it tasted much better! ;)

Tell me (so I don't feel alone in this), did you ever have a cooking fiasco?


  1. Lol...the baked cabbage sounds interesting except for the stench it left of course!
    The most ridiculous cooking disaster I made was during my school days...I tried making a pancake out of only sugar and butter...hardly aware at that point that it would stick to the pan and become a sticky mass of caramel that refused to leave the pan! All this was done while my mum was not at home. I had to take help from my bro and his friend to clear the mess before mum came back and reprimanded me! We still laugh about this cooking adventure/ escapade I had :D

  2. haha Yep, I got that rice cooker as well as everyone in the family was sick of burnt rice. Once I remember I was dry roasting rava for halwa and it got burnt. I had already spent about 10 minutes. I had to just throw it out and start over.

  3. It would certainly have been an interesting recipe if not for the stench! ;)Now, can I LOL at your cooking disaster Vinnie? That must have smelled interesting too!? ;) <3

  4. Good to know that I wasn't the only one burned their rice (pre-rice cooker days!) ;) And good thing you only spent 10 minutes on the rava, no more! ;) <3

  5. I too have burned rice a few times, but otherwise, no real mishaps to speak of. My German grandmother and mother used to make red cabbage all the time. I'm lazy and get it already made from the local German deli - no cooking smell. ☺ I can imagine how powerful that stench was, Elly. Glad you were more successful the next time.

  6. Oh, thanks for keeping me company on this one Debbie (re. the rice)! ;) Yes, I'm glad too that it was much better when I made the dish again! ;) <3