Monday, June 6, 2011

Signs of Cards and Butterflies

A card from the ‘Cards of Life' deck (created by Anne Marie Evers, known for her affirmations), that I use as a daily theme came up with a 'Relationships' card yesterday. It features a picture of a woman holding an infant in her arms. Whenever I see this card, I think ‘nurturing’ or taking care of myself.

Well, I didn’t quite follow that wise guidance, as I was busy doing laundry and doing some shopping errands. As I had a bad headache and the urge to rest came over me, did I listen? Noooo! Silly me! And what happened as a result? My headache worsened and eventually I ended up getting sick, if you know what I mean (won’t say here but you can imagine).

Today’s card was ‘Spiritual Growth’ featuring two doves facing opposite with an olive branch (?) in their beaks, holding onto the same branch. Though I usually think a lesson of some sort to learn and is usually if not always the case, today I also thought of peace, something that would give me or bring me to peace or a lesson that I need to learn in order to grow spiritually.

This time the lesson brought to my mind was listening or rather trusting my intuition. It is always right. Always! Yes, always! I just don’t always listen to it – silly me! – and why is that? My ego obviously must get in the way or else I would heed it all the time.

In the afternoon, I noticed another possible so-called sign from my window that came in the form of a yellow butterfly fluttering in the backyard. According to one source on Wikipedia, there used to be a belief that the butterfly symbolized a departed soul. Well, that would be very appropo considering the mediumship workshop that I had just attended; I wanted to learn how to connect with my dead twin sister.

I know butterflies can also symbolize transformation or metamorphosis and I suspect that is what I have recently been and will be undergoing as my attitude has shifted or rather adjusted about a particular issue. And I have, as a result, been witnessing a certain happenstance, i.e., chance circumstance) of joy and miracles. Times when I have been 'anchoring' joy (based on an NLP technique) and even performing a little happy dance! (See next blog about more details on this).

Just very shortly after finishing this last sentence, another butterfly appears. Well, I have rarely seen butterflies since I moved here so I think this is cool and perhaps a sign that I am indeed undergoing a change of sorts. Hopefully for the better! ; ) Another butterfly, the third of the day, graced me with its presence awhile later.

This is what happens when you listen to Spirit and heed its advice or guidance: this time in the form of intuition that had me stay home to rest as I woke up again with quite a bad headache. (Normally I would force myself to go to work and feel worse as a result.)

Well, butterflies or not, I am finally feeling better and now need to rest up for work tomorrow. Good night!

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