Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gratitude List #3: Theme of New Home

Kitchen in my new home

I felt another gratitude list is in order, since my last one a week ago. This one primarily focuses on my future home, my "home-to-be" which I will be moving into shortly. In no particular order:

* Cold symptoms mostly gone thanks to epsom salt baths, hot herbal teas and soups, rest, and a good night's sleep
* My home-to-be which is clean, new, and comfortable
* A bachelor suite so I can downsize even more and save some money as less rent
* Laminate hardwood floor in the kitchen and hallway
* A number of large windows with screens bringing in natural light with a view to greenery and keeping out insects
* Curtains and two thick accordion pull-down blinds on windows
* New cabinetry and modern shelving space to house some of my stuff
* A dishwasher - exact same as the one in my current home with 'eco' features and a large stove to easily put pots on stove top and two cookie sheets in the oven (for Christmas cookies)
* A generous-sized fridge
* A desk area
* An alcove for a bed or temporary storage or ...
* A 'built-in' shelf that lines the alcove and living room to house books
* A bathtub for the occasional soak, e.g., after moving or when ill
* A window and heater in the bathroom and several towel rungs
* A dimmer switch in the living room
* A partially furnished suite including a kitchen table and chairs, and a shelving unit for my second-hand TV (to watch videos); avoid having to buy or lug extra furniture
* A private entrance and security though I expect to feel safe on a neighbourhood watch street and in the area
* Utilities (heat, hydro, hot water), WIFI, and cable included in the rent
* My own washer and dryer so I have chemical-free laundry; soap nuts (acting as a natural detergent and fabric softener combined)
* A place to garden as I desire to grow some cilantro and some flowers; maybe sunflowers too
* A landlord who is approachable and down-to-earth
* Only a landlord, adult daughter, and dog living upstairs
* Close proximity to three bus routes, a park (where I can hug trees), and a mini-strip mall with a small grocery store (that includes organic)
* A couple of friends who live nearby and some people I know who live in the area

The 'Law of Attraction' (or LOA) as I alluded to in some previous posts ( declares that it is important to express gratitude and feel grateful for that which is in your life currently. That way, more of the same is likely to actualize ... Hmmm, that's what happened didn't it, going from my current place - see last week's post ( - to my new place.

What’s on your list today and/or this past week? Please share with Laurel Regan, the woman who inspired me to do this as I am too busy this week (

My next post may be Wednesday, next Sunday or who knows. Time will tell as I am preparing to move, soon. ;)


  1. Wow! So you finally found the right place to move in. Sounds so from all that you've described here. The picture shows a happy kitchen space here. Good, I'm so happy for you. Hope you settle in fast and enjoy the place.

    1. Thanks Vinnie. :) Yes, it feels like the right place for sure in more ways than one! <3

  2. I am so glad you decided on this one. Looking forward to seeing it

    1. Me too Carol! :) And I would love to have you over anytime to see it...well, give me a week or two or so... ;) <3

  3. Wonderful...Glad you found a great place Ell...Now decorate it as you want to and share some pics with us :)

    1. Thanks Naba. I'm glad I did too as sometimes it can take time. :) And sure, I can take some pics in future too...just remind me in about three months if I haven't by then. ;) <3

  4. Your new place seems wonderful, Elly. I can see that it is bringing you a lot of joy.

    1. Yes, thanks Rachna, it certainly does! :) And joy sounds good to me: I think so too! ;) <3

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  6. Your new home sounds wonderful. I am just feeling happy reading about it :) May you have a happy and fulfilling life in your new abode.

    1. Yes, thanks Beloo, it is. And thanks for your well wishes. :) <3

  7. Your new place sounds terrific from your description. All the best and enjoy it.

  8. Sounds like you got a great place, Elly. Enjoy your new home!

  9. So many things to be thankful for. You are so blessed to be given such a home with everything you need.

    I agree with what you focus in magnifies. Being grateful makes you focus more on the great things.