Friday, June 29, 2012

"It's Your Lucky Day!"

“It’s your lucky day!” the bus driver exclaimed several times two weeks ago on a Monday morning as I had waited too long and missed one “not in service” bus due to full capacity. I didn’t know till the announcement the reason was because of an earlier multi-vehicle and semi-trailer accident on the Second Narrows bridge in North Vancouver.

“Hmmm,” I thought when the announcement was made, “certainly a matter of perspective. Yes, better to be late and alive than the alternative.”

Yesterday I had fallen and injured the heels of both my hands, my right knee, and right elbow (the latter the worst). I didn't feel so lucky, at least then (albeit an 'angel' helped me. See my previous posting). But according to the next day’s incident, I was indeed! All just a matter of perspective.

So, what do you consider luck?

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  1. I discovered that though four-leaf shamrocks (AKA clovers) are not common, they are considered good luck. Each leaf symbolizes something, namely hope, faith, love, and luck. How lucky can you get to find one?! ; )

    And though I didn't find one before, during, or after this posting, how lucky I am to be healing - almost healed - AND alive! It was indeed MY lucky day! : )