Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day 2012

Photo courtesy of Brian Gratwicke

Happy Canada Day!

It’s a special day today for me, not only because of Canada Day and I'm walking in my first Canada Day Parade with work colleagues and friends, but my anniversary here in North Vancouver where I felt guided to move from Vancouver.

Never thought I’d leave the beauty and energy (feel) of the tree-lined neighbourhood where I lived not to far from shops and relatively close to the ocean and beach area to move across the water where it rains more!

However, though Vancouver felt like home for me, North Vancouver does even more, and even more so Lynn Valley. Something about mountains and trees in particular, the water too all remind me of my European heritage. I prefer to say I'm Dutch Canadian as I’m proud to be both Dutch and Canadian! ; )

What do you love about Canada or being Canadian?

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