Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Kind Stranger: a Samaritan named Rob

Earlier today, I tripped and fell on a bumpy piece of sidewalk on upper Commercial Drive as I was running hard and fast to catch a connecting bus.

Silly me! Is it really worth - now spoken in hindsight! - risking one’s life or limbs for a few minutes of potential gain?

It was only about 30 seconds on this desolate road that a man’s voice called out: "Are you okay?" I wanted to speak but couldn’t due to shock and/or pain. All I knew was that I was hurting, quite a bit, from the fall with the heels of my hands being scraped, along with my right knee and right elbow.

After asking him if he had any Kleenex and then remembering I had some, I told him where to look for it in my knapsack. Then I covered my hands and elbow as best I could with it aware of possible germs and infection.

He asked if I could get up. I couldn’t. Though he tried lifting me(!) and then suggested I remove my backpack, I turned myself around towards the grass and lifted myself awkwardly up.

He proceeded to ask where I was headed to and if he could take me there. I suggested the medical walk-in clinic a number of blocks further down Commercial Drive. That was the priority!

As he started driving, I thought to ask his name – at least wanted to know that - and where he was heading to. As soon as he answered "Rob", I knew that I wanted to write about this experience, his kind gesture. Good deed for the day as I often say!

Due to a car-free afternoon festival, a portion of the Drive was closed. Luckily Rob knew its whereabouts as he stopped the car at the nearest blocked intersection and helped me get to the clinic.

I was grateful to be the next person to be seen and my injuries taken care of and wrapped within a few minutes of the incident.

After all this, all I'm left with is his first name, the memory of his face (dark hair and glasses primarily) and car (beat-up silver or grey, pick-up type vehicle), and his occupation or craft as an artist. And though I may forget his face or his name in time – or not! – I’ll always remember this act of service, from a kind stranger.

I’m truly grateful for and appreciative of kind strangers and good deeds.

What are you grateful for…today?


  1. What a sweet story! I hope your fall left you with no serious injuries. Elly. How timely that he was there to help you just when you needed it most. You never know? he could have been an angel sent just for that purpose. ;-) And I hope you heal swiftly!

    1. Katarina, I never hit 'reply' so I am resending my reply to your comments even though I responded on the same day you did so! I had originally written, "Thanks Katarina! I mainly got scrapes: on the heels of both my hands, my right knee, and right elbow. The elbow was the worst though all parts are healing really well. Isn't the body such an amazing healing system? I find that so fascinating, especially with cuts and wounds! ;) And yes, I actually thought of him as an angel in disguise! ;) I think sometimes we are or can be to others as well ... don't you find? We were to each other remember?! <3

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  3. This is so great....Sometimes strangers leave lasting memories, imprints...

    1. Oh my! Naba, my sincere apologies as I obviously didn't realize you commented on this post. Yes, strangers can do that sometimes, hopefully for the better as in this case. :) <3