Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gratitude List #9: More of Free and Freedom

Sci-fi book cover: Kéthani by Eric Brown

Today's gratitude list predominantly continues on the theme of free and freedom from last week ( as well as the outdoors, in no particular order as follows:

* Reading an interesting sci-fi book: didn't think I was a fan of science fiction!
* Relaxing and reading in a nearby park with lots of trees, including tall pine trees
* Creating colourful and tasty salads with organic vegetables and fruit
* Free samples including that of food
* Fridays Shipyards Night Market in North Van
* Gelato! Especially on a warm summer evening - oh, spring!
* Free music outdoors and great bands
* Free vocal session (introductory)
* Free coffee after so many stars/points collected
* Free/donation luncheon
* Being able to air dry laundry again outside on a sunny weekend
* Walking the neighbourhood nightly, usually around sunset (before/after) sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend
* Beauty whether homes, gardens, neighbourhoods, and vistas
* Living in North Vancouver: I love it here!
* A walk by the ocean in picturesque West Vancouver
* Eyesight: being able to read and see lovely vistas

P.S. I changed my photo on last week's gratitude of the side of this Bavarian Alps home.

And now your turn, what are you grateful for? Today and/or this past week and/or in general?


  1. Free is wonderful, isn't it?! Love the list!

  2. I like my food to be colorful too. And sci-fi books are usually awesome!

    1. haha! My food isn't always colourful, though usually my salads are pending the veggies and fruit I have to go with them! ;) And yes, I now realize sci-fi isn't all that bad after all! ;) <3

  3. you pretty much listed some of the things I am grateful for :) walking by the ocean, watching sunrises, tasty salads, books ... life in general :D

    1. Great! :) However, no mention of sunrises on my part as I'm not usually up that early or at least up to look at one, unlike you! ;) <3

  4. Great list, Elly! Definitely things to be grateful for. I agree. It's so beautiful out there on the west coast. Haven't been in years since my parents are on the east coast and I go that direction all the time. It's beautiful there, too, but in a more rugged harsh kind of a way.

    1. Thanks Cathy. :) Yes, a grateful heart for all these things. :) And it certainly is beautiful here...maybe worth a visit? ;) <3

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