Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gratitude List #10: Fresh, Refresh and Refreshment

Serbian dance at Centennial Theatre's Folkfest in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Today's gratitude list is on the themes of fresh, refresh, and refreshment! In no particular order, here it is:

* Folkfest: a multicultural showcase of dance and music/songs
* Free admission - cash donations accepted for the show
* Centennial Theatre, not too far from home (I can even walk it!)
* A night out with female friends for the show and dining afterwards
* Being treated for a refreshing drink and appetizers after the show
* Dances of Universal Peace to refresh my soul
* Anne MacDonald Studio (an old church hall made into a rehearsal space)
* Summer solstice and an event to celebrate it
* A father with principles and lives with good standards
* Reading outside in a nearby park with tall pine trees
* Gelato and other ice cream on hot days for refreshment
* Refreshing rain one evening
* An end-of-the-season potluck BBQ with choir members
* A brisk night walk in fresh air with a friend along West Vancouver's seawall
* Fresh produce at a local farmer's market
* Lots of fresh fruits and veggies in my fridge
* Another sunny weekend
* Another weekend for fresh air-dried laundry
* A beautiful breeze to air dry my laundry
* Recycling non-blue box items
* Thrift stores for second-hand items
* Dropping off donations for abused women at a local thrift store
* A wicker laundry basket

My 'new' second-hand laundry basket

* Crocs (shoes) for outdoors/gardening and indoors
My new crocs in two styles and colours

What is on your gratitude list for today and/or from this past week?


  1. A very refreshing gratitude list indeed!

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  3. Looks like you are enjoying good sunny weather. While here we are enjoying heavy rains.. My favourite from above is 'reading outside surrounded by pine trees'. Beautiful images.

    1. Yes, I certainly am enjoying the sun, well as best I can! ;) Thanks for sharing your favourite line from my list above. :) <3

  4. Aha! I see the 'sun' has made a prolonged appearance there. Enjoy it, Elly. So many things for us to be grateful for, isn't it?

    1. Yes, the sun is certainly here for quite an extended time since early May with a few rains, not much and in fact, not enough! ;) A lot of things to be grateful for, as always. :) <3

  5. Well mine is :

    1) Two good books that I finished reading
    2) Two great movies that I watched
    3) Some new furniture :)
    4) A weekend with two of my favorite people in the world

    Love your crocs !!

    1. Sounds like a great list to be grateful for Naba! :) My crocs look better than they feel on my feet! ;) <3

  6. Very interesting list. I must say all these activities are really enjoyable..I also love to take fresh fruits.

    1. Yes, rather different from my usual lists (not only in length!). ;) And yes, I definitely enjoyed all those activities: so much fun! And the fruit too as summer fruit is so yummy! :) <3

  7. Great list and I loved your crocs :) The hot pink is so cool :)

    1. Thanks Parul. ;) Yes, the fuschia crocs look pretty hot or cool depending on your perspective! ;) <3