Monday, August 5, 2013

In Sync

Stay tuned....I will be posting a blog hopefully later today....was on Co-op Radio today on the "When Spirit Whispers" show - thanks Gunargie!

Click on link or copy and paste onto 'browser' (whatever it's called at the top of your screen/page):

and then click the link on that page.

I’m on at approx. 21:31 to 31:31 on the link. Enjoy and I welcome your feedback/comments!

A brief poem/song that I wrote about three years ago:

Spirit’s knocking on my door
The ideas won’t go away
Won’t leave
Won’t leave me

Spirit’s knocking on my door
…and the ideas won’t leave my soul
my soul

My soul’s gotta grow…ow…ow

How does Spirit whisper to you?


  1. If you wish to post comments, I think you can do so on a computer or laptop...not sure about mobile phones...

  2. You may also be interested in my very first three blog postings in particular: Call to Action, Why Me? Why the Choir? and A Matter of Degrees (starting July 2010). Also, Beauty in the DTES (Jan. 24, 2011). I welcome your comments/feedback! :) <3