Monday, August 12, 2013

Part 2: In a Funk - Why the Blues?

If you can read the fine print on the (maximum-sized) picture, it reads, "Dead on the Heavy Funk".

In my July 21st blog posting, I spoke about being in a funk that lasted at least two months. It ended up lasting about two-and-a-half to three months.

Admittedly, I have been depressed on and off throughout my life. I’m convinced this is due to certain circumstances around my birth. (More about that in my next posting.) With the occasional depression here or there, seemingly circumstantial or what I term situational, I often come to an understanding why I feel blue afterwards or even during these episodic bouts. This occurs when I come to terms with the root cause(s).

It is in part with this knowledge or frame of mind that I refuse (to be on) medication for it as I know my condition is temporary and I’ll get over it…in time of course, yet that’s the irony, isn’t it!?

To exacerbate my depressive state perhaps is the knowledge that every drug has side effects, one in particular common to antidepressants that I wish to avoid.* And there are other reasons for my adamancy.

Please note reader that I am only referring to my choice: it is my decision and my personal path, not necessarily yours. Depression varies – almost wish not to even state that word as it carries such stigma, doesn’t it? – thus it is best to seek medical guidance based on your understanding of you, your life, and your circumstances. Hopefully your inner wisdom will guide you through the process, though not necessarily easy to trust when you are feeling down.

As a result of my emotional flatline state, I had my thyroid and iron re-tested (as I’ve done in past) – all was normal – and I even completed a stress test/depression questionnaire at my medical doctor’s office; the latter proved to be mid-range.

One possibility I had considered that might attribute to my depressive symptoms – were hormones, though I didn’t sense that that would be the primary reason and wasn’t sure if I wanted to undergo testing for this.

Stay tuned as my next posting will reveal some possible reasons why I was feeling blue...might be a clue...for you...or for someone you know.

What might some of the reasons be for your (past/current) depression or for someone you know?

*By the way, there was an interesting article, on page 12, in the August issue of common ground magazine about the questionable efficacy of antidepressants.

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