Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part 2: Soul's Expansion

Panoramic Sunset (photo courtesy of Roberto Kaplan)

In my last blog posting, I referred to my soul’s expansion. You can read in more detail, but the excerpt was “What hit me intuitively was ‘expansiveness’ or ‘expansion.’ This described the panoramic landscape lens that I could see with, the ocean and sky in particular. This new perspective seemed to be(come) my new way of viewing (the world), at least while on holiday in Roberts Creek. It also referred to my heart. For somehow this vastness contributed to the expansion of my heart.” (Read in my previous post, September 12th, how this impacted me when I returned home from my trip.)

Is this what Paulo Coelho’s wife, Chris, experienced in the Mojave Desert?: “It seems as if ... I don’t know ... I can’t explain it ... as if my soul has grown.” (The Valkyries, p. 37)

This was her comment when she experienced her soul expanding when she kept her eyes fixated on the horizon whenever she could. (And yes, I concur with Chris that it is hard to explain. You need the experience in order to understand it, as with most or all spiritual experiences.)

I, too, had looked at the horizon a lot for the breadth of it, i.e., its expansiveness, partly because that’s what was in frontal view from the main floor stepping down towards the beach, and also as I was scanning for wildlife, mainly eagles. Additionally I was exercising my eyes. For all these purposes did I scan the horizon, both sea and sky, back and forth, and up and down.

I believe that my experience of my heart’s/soul’s expansion was attributed to the openness, the vast openness of the wide outdoors. I can’t help but think it can’t help but do that!

To be continued...

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