Friday, September 2, 2011

Here I Go ... Again!

Photo taken in Roberts Creek, BC

Ok, I'm taking a leap of faith here in a way, rather spilling out my guts about my new situation/dilemma I'm currently dealing with.  I'm moving, again.

Yes, in less than a year, even though ideally I had planned that this was to be a long-term residency, three to five years at least!  After all, who likes to move?  Well, at least I certainly don't.  And of course, I have my reasons to do so this time, though I'm also following Spirit.

So, suffice to say I realize that what I need to learn is (1) the lesson(s) that this move and place brought me so I don't (have to) repeat them again AND (2) to trust, trusting the Universe/God/Spirit (whatever term you prefer to use) that my heart's desires or more importantly what is for my highest and greatest good will be served or manifested.

I know that God/Spirit/Universe including the angels know what I want - and need - for that matter for me to be truly happy, but this time I am looking for my ideal, my ideal home.  I know what I want and I prefer not to settle for less, if possible, as I would like to make my heart happy, make my heart sing, again.

I really, truly would love to live in a place that is home, feels like home. A place of beauty, serenity, inspiration, light. Is that too much to ask for?

So in my search, my quest for my home, I need to remember in each moment to be present (so I don't misplace my cell as I've already done twice in one day recently!) and to have faith.  Trust, faith, belief, hope as I more or less mentioned or alluded to in my last posting.  After all, Spirit guided me to move this time with three indications:  my initial on-and-off thoughts as I dwelled on the possibility (and later perhaps through my intuition), through the spontaneous remark of an 'intuitive' as she calls herself (or 'intuitionist' as I prefer) whose name is Karen McGregor ( and, and through my landlord in what she verbally expressed.

By the way, if any of you reading this happen to know someone who has a place in beautiful North Vancouver, feel free to check out my revised ad on Craigs List or Kijiji (under "***IDEAL Tenant ... ").  And in the meantime, I'll take some deep breaths, observe my thinking, and believing, trusting, and having faith in synchronicities and miracles.  (Some prayers and/or meditations wouldn't hurt either!)

p.s.  The above photo symbolizes three aspects to me:  (1) the word 'om' sounding like 'home' (2) me synchronistically picking heart-shaped objects including stones/rocks, etc., and (3) the symbol 'aum' (or 'om') looking in part like the number three, my favourite number.  ; ) 

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