Monday, August 30, 2010

p.s. A Rat's Tale (Part 2)

I swear I just got the lesson about 15 minutes after I sent my previous posting on the the rat...fear: contraction vs. love: openness and expansion. If you read my recent posting (A Rat’s Tale) you would understand! ; )

My recent reading of a book entitled Take Off Your Glasses and See by Jacob Lieberman describes what some might call a radical approach to vision therapy. One of the key points he writes about concerns contraction and expansion. (Unfortunately, I can’t find it in his book or where, if I wrote it down, in my little book.) However, let me give you an analogy to illustrate what I mean.

A few weeks ago, I was returning from a visit with my original vision therapist, Roberto Kaplan, and took a bus from the Horseshoe Bay ferry. When I quickly scanned for seats, I saw very few available, one being beside a man, this man whom I initially – and quickly - judged as ‘ugly.’

Well, a strange thing happened. As I was in an open and relaxed state (like not caring about what people think) and we started conversing, I came to realize that he was actually quite attractive. However, I didn’t notice at first because it seemed like he was ‘hiding’ beneath his hat and behind his glasses. At least, this was my interpretation.

I noticed his lips in particular and thought he had extremely nice-shaped lips. Now that is an unusual observation for me, because what I notice first about people is their face, and their eyes in particular, not their nose or mouth or lips!

If I had continued in that place of judgement or sense of fear, i.e., not wanting to sit near him or speak with him or associate with him for example, I would have been in a state of contraction: my body, my posture, my eyes and thus my eyesight and perception. This is basically what Jacob was alluding to in his book.

Speaking of the book, I had to return it during my last in-person session today with Joy Thompson, a woman who trained under Roberto Kaplan as she continues her life adventure elsewhere. I have been seeing her for almost a year to improve my vision and it has been quite the journey with amazing results. I’ll leave these thoughts for you to ponder as I continue my eye exercises... ; ) (If you're interested to see the 'crab' expand, google 'picture showing expansion.' )


  1. I love how you released your judgments of the man on the bus and your insights about contraction. Thanks Elly!

    1. My apologies Miriam: I missed your comment somehow! A rather belated response: Thanks for your remark. I too am amazed at the process and the ensuing insight! Inspiration comes in so many different ways, doesn't it? ;) <3