Monday, May 19, 2014

Gifts for a Purpose

Sign on a business window in North Vancouver, BC

When you think of gifts, do you think of them in terms of Christmas or Mother's Day for example? Or do you think of them as something natural and innate?

Most of my life I have been searching for my gifts and my purpose, my raison d'etre, especially since I have had several near-death experiences, though different from what is known as NDE (near death experiences). Different in that I had some close encounters with death, my birth being one of them, though not the ones you read about (like going through a tunnel to bright light). You can get an idea by reading one of my former blog postings:

This may sound strange to you that years ago, I truly considered that I had no gifts, no (natural) talents. I was quite surprised then what I discovered during a workshop entitled, "Discover Your Sacred Gifts." During the process, the group explored 24 gifts, four of them labelled lifestyle gifts.

And what shocked me was that I actually seemed to have quite a few, in fact more than I could imagine. It seemed rather strange to me, felt foreign even, that I possessed so many. How could that be? Really?!

Without giving the workshop away, a few of these gifts are quite common, some more than others, and of course, some are quite specific.

The main 'test' if you will is to discover your gifts by recalling incidents including feedback and then to apply the ones you have in your life. Though I do use most of 'mine,' the others I am hoping to in the near future. I would prefer to say that I am "in the works" of using the ones that seem somewhat latent in me at the moment.

Are you curious to know what your gifts are? If so, check out the course via It's not only interesting, it's a lot of fun!

And, if you do know your gifts, are you using them?


  1. Interesting, hmmm, as just one day after this posting, a newspaper article in the Vancouver Province newspaper noted that having a purpose in life contributes to longevity no matter what age you discover it! ;) <3

  2. Indeed interesting. But quite obvious on the other hand: how boring and not inspiring is to start the day with coffee and make it the highlight of one's day? Lots of people live without spark and emotion of purpose. How to create the Holy Grail in one's soul? It is not only about about knowing your gifts - it is about using them with love and passion...

  3. Yes, though for some people coffee might indeed be the highlight of their day, and that could be a major accomplishment given their life's circumstances. Yet I understand what you say. It is easy to be a walking zombie, living among the dead so-to-speak when one is unfamiliar with their gifts and/or doesn't utilize them to better their life and others. And though intent is important, how can a person not feel love and passion when using one's natural, innate gifts?! ;)

  4. Your blog, written with love and spark - makes for the most wonderful gift...
    You have the gift for sharing... and you share your gift - your creation, and your gift for that creation - with others... they are very beautiful gifts indeed : ) Thank you Elly oxox