Thursday, April 17, 2014

Landfill Harmonic: An Orchestra from Trash!

"The world sends us garbage. We send back music." (Favio Chavez, orchestra director)

I received this YouTube video from my choir director. I find it really fascinating as two of my main interests (of many) are music - though I used to play violin that is besides the point - and recycling.

This video seems extremely fitting for Earth Week in more ways than one, which by the way happens to be 'just around the corner.'

Have you ever heard of the acronym GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) in the field of IT/computers? It essentially refers to the quality of the output being dependent upon the quality of the input, whether intended or faulty.

Well, the video above illustrates a slightly different concept: GIMO (an acronym I invented) for 'garbage in, music out.'

On a slightly different note (pardon the pun as that immediately came to mind), how can you (1) create something out of 'garbage' or recyclable material and (2) make music in your life out of improbable circumstances (like the expression "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade")?

Watch and listen and be inspired. Perhaps it will give you some ideas? ;)

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  1. Did you notice the play on their video about the name of their orchestra? That is, "LandfillHarmonic" which partially sounds like 'Philharmonic Orchestra?' A philharmonic orchestra by the way is a full-sized orchestra of about 100 musicians.