Sunday, November 24, 2013

Part 2: Peace in Times of War

Whether you've have had time to reflect upon the two questions I had in my previous blog posting (part 1) or not, I will give you some suggestions or ideas of how that can occur, i.e., peace amidst conflict and tension.

One way as some or most of you may be familiar with is meditation. Now, I will be the first to (openly) admit I am not a great meditator, or is it preferable to say "not great at meditating." It is absolutely not my forte.

To sit in silence as I attempted to quite a number of years ago (yes, even for 15 minutes or less) is futile, at least for me. Not only do I usually itch and alleviate it by scratching which is what you are NOT supposed to do, I also move my body (usually my butt) with the aim of attaining a more comfortable position: lotus asana (or body posture is challenging for me); see

What I am good at though and that I enjoy is a different kind of meditation. There are other ways to meditate than just sitting still. Isn't that exciting? At least, it is for those of us who have a hard time sitting still. Such restless spirits some of us are! And yes, that includes me.

My favourite form of meditation is a moving meditation. This can be in the form of walking for example - not my favourite as I rarely stroll but walk rather quickly as I do need a bit of a workout - or even dancing. Yes, you heard that right!

Now, this form of dance can be either slow or fast, at least for me. When I spontaneously performed creative dance quite a number of years ago, some of it was somewhat slow. Yet I was so fully present to the process. Isn't that what meditation is about?

However, I have also been in a meditative state through dance when it was a rather upbeat tempo. It was through the rhythmic nature of the music, the steady pulsing of the bass beating in my ears, body, and mind that I entered what seemed like a trance-like state. This usually occurred when I closed my eyes and just felt the music and let it flow through me, kind of like interpreting the music or having Spirit flow through me.

In order for that induced state to occur, I would usually claim a spot on the dance floor (not a night club) and move my body from my ankles up keeping my feet stationary. Sometimes I would move my feet too, though would maintain my space as best I could on the dance floor by occasionally opening my eyes, partially softly gazing on the ground below and around me, not (up) at people around me.

One time when I entered this altered state or dimension, I imagined myself wearing a white flowing dress and twirling as Sufis do. I was spinning somewhat on the dance floor, something I rarely do as I usually get quite dizzy doing this. I'm not sure for how long, but it was a neat experience.

Another way I experience peace and love is when I sing or chant. The latter is a form of singing though I love to do so in Sanskrit which is an ancient East Indian language. While chanting, I enter a state of feeling of oneness: I feel total bliss, love, peace, and devotion. I highly recommend it as a way to open up the heart chakra (or heart centre).

In order for me to keep peace and love in my heart and mind, I live my passions as best I can – in no particular order – singing, creative dance/movement, writing, and walking. If I do this on a regular basis, my mind will tend to be more still, more at peace and I will live in peace within myself.

And if I live in a state of peace this then ripples out to others, those whom I am in contact with, whether in my home, at work, or in the community.

How do you feel peace in your heart and your life? Do you meditate and if so, how? What is your preferred style?

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  1. The following day of this posting, I read an article in The Province newspaper entitled, "Yoga a boon for mind and body" - another way to reduce stress and gain peace. I know when I practice yoga, it grounds and calms me even if I need to release emotionally first. (One time at least, I cried for a bit, then settled right down.) :) <3