Sunday, April 7, 2013

Birth and rebirth ... of me!

Especially in the sights, colours, and smells, signs of spring are everywhere! Spring, my favourite - and most powerful (as I mentioned in my previous posting), is a time of birth and rebirth, not only in nature but also in me!

There are various theories concerning how often our bodies reinvent themselves, cellularly speaking. You've probably heard it before: along the lines of how often your heart, lungs, and entire body renews itself, the latter believed to be about every seven or 10 years.

Regardless of the science and/or math around that - not my forte! - rebirth means being born again or reincarnation. Though having my own (evolved) theory of "reincarnation," I am referring to being "reborn," at least in this posting.

For me, spring is a time or renewal on a spiritual level, and I believe emotionally and mentally as well. Perhaps somewhat akin to a cleanse (having done my first this spring), it's like letting go of beliefs that no longer serve me - they aren't true anyway - and opening up my heart, more to myself and who I (truly) am...underneath all my layers (of being, i.e., personality, beliefs, etc.). Hmmm...maybe the season of Kenosis is when it all began for me!? (see blog posting re. Kenosis - Learning to Let Go ..., Sunday, February 24th).

Discoveries in the form of a powerful workshop that seemed to awaken something within me and my body (just before the official spring equinox), to another powerful healing modality related to changing ones beliefs by getting to the root (cause) were and are respectively factors in me 'reinventing' myself. (More about that another time?)

Is it because of spring and/or all these changes/discoveries that I've been so happy lately? My heart (chakra) is opening like (the shape of) these fiddleheads I saw yesterdayand I am singing more. I recently joined a wonderful choir (see my bio). Oh yeah, and how can I forget? I also took two weeks off enjoying the most wonderful balmy spring weather we had this year! Oh joy!

How are you reborn: what do you do to renew or reinvent yourself?

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  1. p.s. I couldn't figure out how to download some sounds of spring from my cellphone so couldn't post this time. Hopefully by next year I'll learn how! ; )