Friday, February 8, 2013

An Unusual Message

An unusual voice mail message greeted me upon returning home from work one evening near the end of January: “Um, hi Elly, I emailed you asking you for your address so we could send you the book so, haven’t heard from you, so please ca-all back. Call me or email me with your address. Thank you.”

No (mention of a) company name, no phone number, not even the name of the contact (i.e., person)!

I’m thinking, Who are you?! What book? Why? Am I (mentioned) in a book? If so, why? And why didn’t you, whoever you are, leave me your phone number or email address if you wanted me to contact you back?!

Interesting too in that I’m really great at recognizing voices from people, even from months or years ago, yet I had no idea who this was or could be. I listened to the recording several times to no avail.

Since I was able to press ‘8’ for an automatic reply, I got a recording of the phone number which was a 250 area code (outside the lower Mainland, Vancouver and area). I dialed the number, still not knowing the name – personal or company – associated with it and left a message along the lines of “I have no idea who you are and what book you are referring to. Could you please email me? …” I didn’t wish to leave my number as I thought it might be a scam or fraud...sometimes a business calls using random dialing as opposed to from a contact list that I may have signed up on.

Lo and behold, I get an email February 1st – later, after the fact, I discover that the previous email was dated a few days prior – from Edwin Coppard, musician extraordinaire ( Please send your address so we can send you a book! Thanks Edwin

Upon reading that, my immediate thought was Holy Shit! (pardon the expression) I’m in Edwin's book! I must be in it or else why would I get a free copy? Besides, I recollected that I submitted a story and song to be included in his book.

My email reply was, Oh, the voice mail message came from you?! Sure! That would be mean I'm in it?! ;)

I can hardly wait to read my story and my inspired song! WOW! I am soooooooooooo excited … I can hardly wait … I feel like a kid at Christmas time! be continued

What is something you created that you love? And that someone else admires as well? (not that they have to!)


  1. Congrats in advance Elly...
    Indeed, when you love what you do the fruits will be sweet and they will taste only sweeter as time ripens them!

  2. Congrats, Elly! That was quite a pleasant surprise, wasn't it?

  3. Gotta love surprises, right? And it's the thoughtful ones that count a lot more. Congrats, Elly :)

  4. What a wonderful surprise! Sometimes great gifts come via phone messages. Enjoyed the enthusiasm in your written voice, especially toward the end of the post!

  5. Yes, it certainly was a sweet experience Nisha! ;)<3

  6. It was indeed a very pleasant surprise Shilpa! :)<3

  7. It was a wonderful surprise Beloo that caught me off guard which is the best one isn't it? ;)<3

  8. Love 'good' surprises iwrotethose! ;)<3

  9. That's a pleasant surprise, I must say. :) Congrats, Elly.

  10. It was a wonderful surprise Vinitha: I was so delighted! :)<3