Saturday, January 12, 2013

Foggy Future

How will 2013 be? How will it be for you? And how will it be for me?

So far in 2013, the future feels like a fog similar to the photo that I took recently from the Seabus heading to work (as shown).

When I was in my teens, the future seemed bleak to me, worse than foggy weather. It appeared black and felt like an abyss. I was afraid of the future: it intimidated me and threatened to engulf me or so it felt.

Since then the future has come to me in different ways. Depending on my mood and/or life's circumstances, it sometimes shows up crystal clear like a bright, sunny day, though more often than not it's hazy or cloudy.

Armageddon hasn't occurred as a number of people suspected with the end of the Mayan calendar - we're still here on planet Earth. Thank God for that! I still haven't used all my unused talents!

My hope and dream for you and me is that we bring forth our unique talents and gifts before we die - why not now? this year? - and contribute them to the world.

What can you (and I) do to begin that process? What is the first step we can take?

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  1. We've had, at least since I've lived here, a record number of foggy days this month (and in a month?) as well as quite a number of sunny days in between or after the fog! : )