Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gratitude: Home is where the Heart is

Yes, I dare admit I moved again. I don’t usually move (or like to) so often, but for various valid reasons in particular lack of natural light, I decided to after another year of residency in beautiful Lynn Valley, now living on the not-to-far outskirts.

This move was different from all the rest. There were at least two main reasons, one being that I took time off and was quite organized with my packing tools (boxes, newspaper/paper/stuffing material) as well as with time, at least in terms of setting daily goals of what I expected, i.e., needed to complete by the end of the day in order for me to be complete and ready for moving day.

Regardless of the schedule I set, I ended up going to bed late every night partly due to meeting daily goals, though usually got up a bit later in the day (not as early as my morning work schedule). However, I also decided to take mid-week off - I needed a break! - for a work meeting and even an evening lecture (for personal and work reasons).

This move felt different. It was as if there was someone - an angel? - watching over me or looking out for me. My preparation and packing was for the most part like putting on a pair of perfectly fitting gloves: the right-sized box or elastic band that I needed would appear, presto, on the next item I touched or shortly after. And items fit perfectly as well as I was packing.

Moreover, I did a lot of creative packing like I’ve never done before! It ended up being somewhat fun while listening to CDs I hadn't listened to for awhile (though ended up donating a lot of those).

I notice over the years, that no place is perfect. There is always at least one or two imperfections. Despite them, my new residence feels like home and I realize it's been a long time since I felt 'at home.'

This makes me wonder: what does 'home' mean? Is home where the heart is or resides? I think of Snatam Kaur, whose pure voice, even when I first heard her, brought me 'home' - home to my heart, my core, my centre, my essence, my being. (

Otherwise can a person truly be home if they're not at home, i.e., at peace with themselves? Is it perhaps because I felt extremely calm and peaceful (amazingly enough throughout this ordeal)? I was in a state of joy for the most part. Is this why my preparation and move flowed?

What does home mean to you?

I welcome your comments to this last question or the ones previous (above)?


  1. Christine 'Christy' BuckhamOctober 23, 2012 at 5:10 PM

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    1. I deleted this comment because of the quotes...didn't know it would (still) show! Comments are below.

  2. I think home is where you feel right. Not just comfortable, but right. The way your packing and moving felt right. In that respect I agree with you that it really is a place that resides inside you. Your heart is the keeper of the emotions associated with the feeling. I differentiate between emotion and feeling, a feeling being a 'sense' about something. It sounds to me as though your decision to move and your choice of new abode are aligned with Spirit's highest design. That's why everything flowed for you! I'm so happy for you that you now feel "at home". This feeling is worth so much.

  3. Thanks for your comments Christine. For sure! You are right on the button as indeed home is not only a physical address but also a place inside oneself. :)