Friday, August 17, 2012

Light, Sound, Action!

When you watch fireworks, do you notice if the flashes of light come before the explosion of sound or if the sound follows? Think of a thunderstorm: you witness the lightning first, then hear the thunder (as the speed of light travels faster than that of sound).

What is it about fireworks, such as Vancouver’s recent Honda’s Celebration of Light, fireworks extravaganza that appeals so much to the general public? Is it the light? The noise? Both?

Could it attract us as human beings because we are made of up light? Some would say we are made up of light particles, from the same materials as stardust. And as like attracts like - light attracts light – in this case humans and fireworks.

We radiate electromagnetic light insomuch that there is an electromagnetic field surrounding our body as an entity. We are enveloped in this auric field indicated by an aura or glow around a person’s body that some people can see with the naked eye, in particular around a person’s head. More commonly perhaps is to see this as a glow in a person’s face. This may be one reason why, at least in some circles, human beings are referred to as “light beings.”

What is it about fireworks that attract you, and why?


  1. Once I master technology, I can download photos and/or videos from my cellphone...much better than this image as it doesn't capture the beauty of the recent fireworks in Vancouver.

  2. p.s. By the way, for those of you who wonder, Italy won the recent fireworks challenge at Honda's Celebration of Light festival in Vancouver. I'm glad they won as I felt they deserved to: they had spectacular colours, great variety, of types, intermittent levels (vacillating between high and low a number of times), and great synchronicity to music. :)