Friday, February 17, 2012

Communication(s) from my Dead Twin?

A woman asked me recently how my dead twin sister appears to me. I knew what she meant, but I didn’t know the answer, at least not immediately. After she gave her example of finding white feathers and thinking of a particular close friend of hers who passed away every time this occurred, it triggered a memory for me.

For many years now, I’m not even sure how long ago, perhaps when I was in my twenties, maybe even teens, I spontaneously started collecting heart-shaped objects. I didn’t know why as it seemed to happen unconsciously. It wasn’t till years later that I realized I was doing this, that is, that I actually had a bit of a heart collection.

Over the years, I have come to discover many heart-shaped images in things. I see them mostly in the environment, in elements of nature, especially in the shapes of flowers, and stones and rocks for example. And I also see it indirectly, like within a pattern as in the bark of a tree.

I seem to gravitate towards heart-shaped items as in the case of a calendar that has numerous pictures, primarily photos of heart-shaped objects. Though this appeals to me greatly, it doesn’t mean that I seek everything that is heart-shaped! But (pause), did you happen to notice that a heart is two halves in one? And in its original(?) form, identical halves? My twin and I, identical at birth...hmmm...

Reminiscing about heart shapes during the above-mentioned conversation, I wonder if that is my twin’s way of letting me know of her presence, that she is nearby and/or thinking of me. (Unfortunately, I hate to admit, I don’t sense her or see her or hear her at all and certainly wish I did!) This could certainly be an interesting possibility as, even though she’s had a huge impact on my life, I didn’t know her at all!

One way, I’ve been told, my twin speaks to me is through words (nonverbally). I often get words claircognizantly; I don’t see or hear them, I just get them like an instant knowing, spontaneously as if from the ethers. It is akin to claircognizance which is a knowing state, i.e., knowing something without knowing how you got the info. This is otherwise challenging to explain unless you experience this. (See my posting dated May 7 and May 31, 2011 and entitled, “The Call to Write Part 1” and Part 2.)

I strongly believe we can communicate with others on the other side – yes, I’m speaking of dead people here – though not about séances or channelling (as I don’t trust that). It is on a nonverbal level, like telepathic communication with images in our mind’s eye (i.e., inner intuition) and/or outward images or objects such as feathers or coins for example, or in my case with words.

How do(es) your deceased loved one(s) ‘come’ to you or ‘speak’ to you in the forms of objects/images?


  1. Thank you for inviting me to your blog Elly. What a wonderful intention it serves of "expressing your soul or divine essence and will explore themes such as self-expression, authenticity, life purpose, vision, and values as well as the creative and expressive arts." My own life's mission resonates so profoundly with this I could even call it my own, word for word!

    I did not find the blog entry you were directing me to "A Matter of Degrees", but this latest post is very moving to me as well. I am not a twin, but my sister and I are very close and have been my whole life. She has a terminal illness, and we always talk about how we will communicate to one another after she dies.

    When I was a young girl, my close friend and next-door neighbor died suddenly in her sleep. She was only eleven. But after her death, I had a string sense of her presence around me. It was as if I automatically knew what she was thinking and how she was feeling. I would get these communications from her suddenly, when I was playing piano, or doing homework, outside playing tether ball (which she loved), etc.

    I like your interpretation of the heart shape and how it is composed of two halves, and your connecting it to your twin sister. THank you for sharing this. I think your intuition is a string compass indeed! I really enjoyed reading this.

    1. I am so thrilled and delighted to have you come 'visit!' ; ) I am also deeply touched and moved by your words - including your blog as well which I love. (By the way I thought I replied to your message above the same or next day after you did so.)

      Katarina, I feel we have much in common - spirituality, intuition, knowledge (of 'behind the scenes'), a love of the expressive arts (writing, photography, trees, maybe even dancing?) and I sensed that reading two of your postings, even after the first one.

      And I have no doubt that you are so connected to your friend and your sister, that you are and will able to connect with them in death.

      I truly do hope to meet you in person one day. I feel like I have met a 'kin' or soul sister. : )

  2. Interesting association to your affinity to heart shaped objects. Your analysis of your twin sister's part in it sounds so mystical. I'd like to see your collection of heart shaped objects sometime :)

    1. Yes, perhaps it is mystical as spirituality is or can be at times. ;) Let me ponder that possibility: maybe I can post some pics; however, I have given a lot of my heart-shaped objects away. <3

  3. This is so interesting and touching really...It actually happens you know, feeling once presence long after they are gone or subconsciously associating things with them...And the heart shaped link is so wonderful...after all it was bond of the heart between twin sisters, identical halves...

    1. Thanks Nabanita: I appreciate your feedback. :) Yes, I'm glad you made that connection: so observant/insightful of you! It took me awhile to figure that out! ;) And that's why I posted the walnut photo above in the first place! ;) <3

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