Sunday, August 14, 2011

Touched by a Stranger

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A young man - I'll call him Abe (as he doesn't know I'm writing about him) - walked by with a skateboard and a fishing rod, an odd combination I thought. He was walking along the shore of the Sunshine Coast whilst my recent visit there and upon his return route spoke to my host.

His beautiful accent, and one I partially recognized, caught my attention. When I actually looked at him, I noticed he was an attractive lad and 'Adam' immediately came to mind: 'Adam' as Adam Dreamhealer used to be known by (aka Adam McLeod). Both Abe and Adam look tall and slim with dark hair and eyes. (I'm going by photos of Adam as I never met him in person...yet).

I think I even noticed Abe's aura by chance though wasn't sure if I was imagining it or not with the blues of the sky behind him. If so, it was beautiful turquoise in colour around his head. He not only had this vibrant aura, but also in his energy, his energy field.

That is what I most admired about him, his aura of attraction (the words and music of 'Physical Attraction' by Phil Collins came to mind when I was observing him). His energy was one of extreme enthusiasm, with passionate undertones. (This seems to be the number one thing or quality I first notice about people, i.e., their energy).

I also loved his ability to manifest as he was sharing tales of things he was attracting into his life. Abe was very grateful for a number of reasons and rightfully so as he was sharing part of his life story with us, two strangers, my host and I, on the beach.

I could tell his heart was very open and at one point asked him what his passions were. As he shared this, he exuded further excitement that was so contagious I didn't want to leave to get a scarf as the temperature was cooling down.

His presence had such an air and state of grace, like the quality of an angel or an angelic being perhaps. He expected ease and flow on a conscious and/or subconscious level as the universe graced him with gifts, i.e, things he was in need of.

I was in deep admiration of him and his process and was grateful to encounter this wonderful stranger. He reminded me to keep my heart open, be grateful, count my blessings, and expect the best ... stuff like that.

So my question for you now is, how do you keep your heart open?

p.s. I haven't met Adam Dreamhealer yet, but hope to one day. I know he's speaking in Vancouver on September 10th (though I have a number of variables to consider).


  1. Interesting question Elly... Not sure...It happens subconsciously..Sometimes I feel I'm so open to people and things around me while at other times I just feel aloof , almost with walls around me...Makes sense?

    1. Yes it certainly does make sense Naba as I think that occurs with most of us from time to time. (My apologies for my late remark!) :) <3