Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Dance-s!

I love it when I’m happy! Don’t you? Don’t we all?! Well, do you ever do an 'anchor' (based on neurolinguistic programming) or a happy dance when you are? I do and I did twice - wow! - almost two months ago already!

I discovered via email that I received a praiseworthy comment from my original vision therapist, Roberto Kaplan ( and on a blog posting that I had written the day before. He wrote a comment that both tickled and humbled me: “You are a natural. I want you to write for me” about Part 2: The Call to Write that I wrote May 31st.

I was extremely happy and excited about his comment as I had wanted to write for him and had even mentioned that to him last year when we reunited after a number of years.

Anyway, it was cool – and IS cool – to receive positive feedback!

As I referred to in that particular posting, Baljit Rayat ( - an intuitive ‘soul coach’ as I would call her – informed me or strongly implied that I am a writer and though I didn’t believe that piece of news at first, I am beginning to more so now. That is what that May 31st posting detailed.

The second time I did my happy anchor and my crazy/silly, happy dance was when I received a call from a woman where I volunteer part-time. She informed me that I could work part-time on an as-needed basis when the other woman didn’t show up. This was to be occasional, but that was still good news as I knew that I might be going on strike (with the union employees) at my full-time job.

So, tell me, how do you celebrate or recognize good news when you receive it?

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